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November 02, 2015


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I'm glad to read your very positive opinion of Bolshoi in Cinemas rebroadcast of Balanchine's "Jewels". It will be playing in my area and I'm looking forward to seeing it. My local cinema will also show the Bolshoi's "Lady of the Camellias" on Dec. 6, so I will see that too.

Oh, Georgiann, that's fabulous. Do not miss Lady of the Camellias. It is stunning ballet theater from the first seconds, which are performed in total silence, to the very last. Here is a recap of my first experience with Camellias: http://haglundsheel.typepad.com/haglunds_heel/2010/05/abt-lady-of-the-camellias-525.html

Thanks, Haglund, for the heads-up on Jewels, which I loved when it first showed, especially Semyon Chudin in Diamonds. It's playing a couple of blocks from my home.

Great J. Hopefully you will get Lady of the Camellias, also.

Hi Haglund

Thanks for the reminder about Jewels. I had my doubts about the Bolshoi's Balanchine. Would they distort Jewels by russifying it? After reading what you said I'm going! Double ditto for "Camellias". I've never seen it, but if you like it, I'll like it.

Thanks for all your great writing.

Marta, of course they Russify it, but seeing Diamonds Russified is pretty mindblowing.

I'm not a fan of Bolshoi or other companies dancing Jewels. There is just too much off for me to ignore.

The Russians slow it down further than is needful when most of this ballet is slower than Balanchine's regular work. And it is totally self indulgent just so the female ballerinas can extend their legs for a few beats longer. Farrell manage to do it all and dance at the correct tempo. So did the PNB when they were coached by D'Amboise.

Did you see this? Sarah Lane video.


Thanks, Genna, for the link to the video re: Sarah Lane. I caught it in this morning's Wall Street Journal http://www.wsj.com/articles/behind-the-scenes-with-a-ballerina-at-lincoln-center-1446646806 . Very interesting how you can move the screen around like on a Google map to see the entire area. It's also nice to hear the artist express how fortunate she is to do what she does instead of blabbing on with a sense of entitlement. Humility and graciousness will never go out of style.

Thanks for the Wall Street Journal link Haglund! Have enjoyed your blog for years and glad to see a nice promo of Lane as I am a big fan. I feel compelled to share this as it has bothered me ever since I saw it. The nice video of Lane is a welcome change after a shocking one I saw on Instagram, and you or some of your fans may not agree but I hold ballerinas at a higher standard:

Hello HF. Thanks much for stopping by H.H.

Wow, that is a revolting video. Perhaps Cassandra and ABT believe that this will help her finally attract a Sponsor. Or perhaps Whitetrash has convinced her that going the Misty route is the way to get a promotion. Obviously this girl needs more attention than she's getting in the ballet world.

Well, this type of stuff is what catapulted Misty to a principal dancer. I wouldn't be surprised if more and more dancers go this route after seeing how this disgusting promotional trajectory worked for MC.

Whatever happened to classy behavior and ballet manners outside the studio? Does ABT have standards for its dancers? Sad to see a lovely new soloist go that route.

Let's hope it is "only" bad taste and not a proper strategy. After all, James Whiteside doesn't use these side-projects in that way either, does he? Maybe they simply share that sort of taste and like doing such things together. Until I see massive PR for it, I'm still relatively hopeful.

Other than the poor taste, the critical problem is the danger that these situations can present to young, minor Instagram/YouTube followers who worship and want to emulate the dancers that automatically zip these photos off to thousands of people without any concern for the vulnerabilities of the young audience.

Is there anyone who doubts that pedophiles know about Misty Copeland's Instagram and can use it as a way to connect with children? e.g., Peter Pedophile signs on as a baby ballerina follower of Copeland's Instagram and connects with a few little 9-year-old girls:

"Gosh, I saw that you are a fan of Misty's too. Wow your picture makes you look like her sister. And you're a ballerina, too - that is so cool. You know, my friends and I are having a ballet photo shoot down by the river – just like Misty – and you should come. Just bring a leotard and of course pointe shoes. We have a professional who will do everyone's makeup. We're going to send the pictures to Misty and if they're really good, to Dance Magazine, too. Everybody gets a free photo of their best pose that they can use for auditions. But don't tell your mom yet; wait until you get your free photo. And if we're down by the river too late, we can share a cab home. If you have any dancer friends (who are really good), you should bring them, too."

Kids are game for this sort of ruse, and it is dreadfully dangerous. People like Copeland, Whiteside, and now Trenary who create and distribute adult, sexually provocative material to children or publish it knowing that it can be easily made available to them, have no business being part of the professional ballet world.

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