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December 13, 2015


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I think you'll appreciate this "Reason to Love New York Right Now"--I know I do: http://nymag.com/news/articles/reasonstoloveny/2015/stella-abrera-made-history/

Thanks much for the link, JW! This is nice to see.

Some of the media's coverage of Stella has had a mea culpa tone to it for initially overlooking her achievements while pleasuring itself over Misty Copeland's lurid PR. It's a shame that NY Mag had to insert Copeland's name into a headline of an article about Stella whose talent, beauty, and integrity stand on their own. But I guess a second thought is better than no thought at all.

I know that I scrolled down the list of "reasons" with trepidation, expecting yet another breathless Copeland plaudit. I too was bothered by how the headline was phrased, as though they needed to mention Misty to get people to click through for Stella.

But I appreciated various aspects of the story itself, not just its subject--the (yet too brief) highlighting of her elegance and form, the subtle digs at the Copeland fans as compared to Stella's, the less subtle references to the media's muck-up of its coverage, and the focus on Stella's humility, perseverance, and appreciation by her fellow dancers.

McKenzie can never make right his tardiness with this promotion, but Stella is the reason I will never forget this year of dance.

Amen, JW.

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