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December 16, 2015


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Abrera is nothing short of perfection. All those lovely 90 degree angles with only a few extensions above the golden mean for effect. Why isn't she in the cast list for this ballet in the Spring? ABT has at least 3 ballet dancers who can dance this ballet (Abrera being one) and put the Russians to shame. Instead we get so-so dancers so management can throw up their hands and claim they need guest stars.

As far as the tempo, I thought it was fine. A faster tempo highlights how Odette is alien and birdlike. You can see the bird mannerisms when the music is faster. That isn't by accident. The Russians slow the music down too much, just so their ballerinas can over indulge in over extensions and precious mannerisms

Beautiful! When will we get to see Stella dance Giselle or Swan Lake live?

Wow! Thank you Robin and Haglund. What a treat.

Sterling Baca seems to be the "go-to" partner for ABT ballerinas in their guest gigs. In this video loved Stella, of course, but he also impressed with his attentiveness and grace.

So gorgeous. Why can't we see this at the Met?
Good camera work too.

Thank you so much for posting this, Haglund. Stella's swan arms are the real deal, not like the flapping we are often subjected to by the usual suspects. And her geometry is flawless. We waited 10 years for her Giselle and that vision was finally realized. Dare we hope for a Met Swan Lake? Although I really HATE ABT's current version. The costumes and the stupid maypole in the first act preclude suspension of disbelief; and the swans running back and forth in front of the curtain at the beginning of Act IV all but shout out "We are changing the scenery behind the curtain."

Well, there would be plenty of time in the spring schedule to fit in Stella's Swan Lake if McKenzie would clear out the water weeds that are choking off the life in Swan Lake and strangling its shoreline. Clear out the common cattails and sludge and make room for the beauty.

This video is so lovely. It breaks my heart that we have been denied seeing Stella in this role. I even rather like the substitutes for the overhead & around lifts because she has the lines and artistry to make something lovely & breathing out of the positions.

I agree with Jennifer that Sterling Baca was quite impressive. He reminds me of Eric Tamm who was also a "go to" guy, full of great artistry and fine dancing, but who fell victim to McKenzie's capricious and arbitrary tastes. He never got his chances either.

By the way, Stella and Amar Ramasar are Nut-guesting at Connecticut Ballet in Stamford this Sunday for two performances. On Saturday, Veronika Part Lauren Lovette and Ask la Cour will guest for two performances. http://connecticutballet.org/index.php/performances

One wonders why dancers like Abrera or Lane continue to hold on to those soloist positions for so many years when they might score principal contracts at other (better managed) companies. Surely the pay and the repertory at ABT is not THAT great. I guess they want to stay in NYC. But the continuing idiocy of McKenzie and Co. would be enough for me to say "see ya!"

Hi Jerry. I imagine the same comfort factor that plays into any job is also present for employees at ABT.

That was stunning. I almost want to email the video to ABT and ask them why I haven't been able to see this on the met stage.


I agree with you. But I also think it ties into the dream factor. Lane has always stated that it was her dream to work for ABT. I believe Abrera loved the company as well. But what they loved was the image of the company from the 60s/70s. ABT is very, very different now.

I can't help thinking that their refusal to report every sigh, sob, giggle, burp and muscle cramp on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/ "take your social site pick" is frowned upon by the company.

Sarah Lane is dancing the Clara Grand Pas de Deux with SF ballet on Dec 22 and 23 with Vitor Luiz! https://www.sfballet.org/tickets/casting

Julia, thanks much!!

Stella is one of the most exquisite dancers at ABT, and should have been given these opportunities long ago! Stirling is, in my opinion, the most gifted young male dancer in the corps, and clearly respected and trusted by the more senior dancers. Will he ever be promoted, or will his talents be wasted like those of so many others? There are so many talented young dancers in the corps right now. I pray they will receive the nurturing and opportunities they deserve. Speaking of young talent, the young boy from First Position, Aran Bell, is in the Studio Company right now. I wonder if he will go into the main company soon, or go elsewhere, where his incredible talent will be nurtured and appreciated? That would, indeed, be a loss for ABT.

Hi, Svetlana. There's a loud, strong chorus of agreement with you on Stella. Hopefully, we'll get to see her in more this year. As for the younger dancers, only time will tell how they develop; but I think Sterling Baca is a slam-dunk to move forward very quickly.

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