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January 24, 2016


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This is a wonderful review! It is especially interesting to read about the Glass Pieces, and its correlation to routine working life. I try to listen to Philip Glass though after a while I find the repetition becomes too much. I'd like to see this ballet, and perhaps it will bring a new perspective.

Thanks, Georgiann. Definitely put Glass Pieces on your list!

Indeed the casting of Mearns in Glass Pieces is a head scratcher. Despite what Alastair McCauley says, she's not all that and a bag of chips in my opinion. She does better in those languid roles where she can play the sultry vixen or the tragic swan.

I agree, Daniel R. She has a more extensive rep than is probably warranted. A case in point: Kammermusik No. 2. But I really think that perhaps Martins is putting her in these particular ballets in order to try to renew the interest of longtime ballet goers who might find them a bit dated but will follow Sara around. A new viewer would never know what he is missing and might be thrilled. The core audience, on the other hand....

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