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January 21, 2016


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Haglund-- in case you've missed it, there's a lovely high quality video of Stella's Princess Florine embedded at the end of this article !

Thank you, K! That is a wonderful profile piece.

Folks may be interested in knowing that Stella will be the opening night Lilac Fairy in D.C. next week instead of Veronika. We're sad that Veronika is apparently still "iffy" from the injury that she sustained out in L.A. in December, but we know that the D.C. audience will be in for a treat with Stella's Lilac Fairy. Hopefully, the Saturday matinee crowd will still get Veronika. She's still on the ABT calendar for Sat Mat but not the KC calendar.

Thanks Haglund for the info about this summer! So happy to see the National Ballet of Canada back, can't wait!! Also, thank you K for sharing :) just saw Stella's Princess Florine, her fluidity is impeccable!

I had the pleasure of seeing the National Ballet of Canada at the Kennedy Center last night. A Winter's Tale was an imaginative and compelling production. Lovely dancing and beautiful sets. Story makes no sense but we knew that before going!

It is too bad that some DC residents will probably miss seeing this tonight and tomorrow because of the upcoming blizzard. New Yorkers: make time in your schedule this summer to see this ballet.

Thanks, Jennifer.

The cinemacast of the Royal Ballet in this production was fascinating. I can't wait to see it this summer although I was also planning (until a couple of days ago) to go down to DC on Sunday for the final performance. Oh well... the blizzard has possibly made opportunity to see the Bolshoi's Taming of the Shrew at the movies this Sunday instead.

Stay safe, Haglund and all of you on the east coast. Enjoy the beauty of the dancing snowflakes from a safe place!

Thanks, Georgiann.

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