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February 02, 2016


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I don't understand at all why Abrera is not being given a chance to hone her dancing for Aurora.

If only Sarah Lane could dance Aurora with Gorak. But I have an inkling that they are trying to separate them and bury the memories of how lovely they danced together.

I've also read that Courtney Lavine was given a chance at one of the Fairies in D.C. which amazed me. Do you think she will be able to break out or will they begin to hide her as well?

Yeah, it hurt to miss Courtney Lavine's early performances of the Cherry Blossom fairy or whatever it's called in this production. ABT has been keeping her on the backburner for the benefit of Misty's campaign to convince everyone that anyone who objects to her unclassical dancing and lumpiness is a racist. Courtney has everything that Misty doesn't have, including an inherent grace. I look forward to seeing her this spring.

It seems that they're only listing principals. Now as far as Cornejo (and therefore Lane) is concerned, if you click on his "bio" (not sure what to call it) it lists Prince Desire for April 1 (bottom left of the little pop up screen). So hopefully this means that Sarah Lane will be dancing as well on that date. Fingers crossed.

Thanks, Silvie.

That is very interesting that his bio shows 4/1 Desire but not Bluebeard for the other two dates. I wonder if ABT is just throwing any info at the theater people just to get something on their website.

Yes, it looks more promising now for Sarah. Now if we could just see Stella get an opportunity.

I saw Sarah Lane's Aurora in DC and even though she had an issue with the first set of balances in the Rose Adagio, the rest of her performance was amazing. Her and Cornejo have amazing chemistry, I don't understand why the two of them aren't cast together for all of the classical ballets. I also saw Courtney Lavine's fairy variation and she was also quite beautiful.

Well it doesn't look like April 1 is Stella because if you click to "see all artists," you'll see that Stella is doing bluebird on the 1st

Hi Kristin.

The "issue" with Sarah's Rose adagio balances perhaps should be attributed to her princes. In the previous production, Sarah had extraordinary success and she had extraordinary princes. Now she's got one with long skinny arms that waver like laundry blowing on a close line. He's way too tall for her. And another one of them I wouldn't be surprised if he tanks her on purpose and then makes fun of it later. If Sarah could do it before brilliantly and can't now, and the only change is the set of princes -- well, guess who you need to pump up?

True, M&M. And they've got both Cornejo and Simkin listed as Bluebird on 3/31 and 4/2.

Personally, I don't care about the flubbed balances, the performance was still brilliant. I've now seen all of ABT's current Aurora's (except Stella and Trenary, who won't dance till the spring) and Sarah and Gillian are the best.

True, Kristen.

It seems like Sarah will indeed get that April 1st Aurora in Detroit. Unfortunately, ABT seems unwilling at the moment to furnish Detroit with a picture of her for their website; so, no one will know.

When soloist Misty had her infamous Swan Lake debut in Australia, they listed her on all advertising as a "principal" with her picture beside all of the legitimate principals who would dance Odette. She then altered the image to increase the size of her own picture so that it was larger than all the other women's pictures and put it on her social media page. Fortunately, it got yanked down shortly thereafter, but you get the idea. Also, all of the women dancing principal roles in Nutcracker are afforded the respect and recognition in the advertising.

ABT's site has just been updated - Sarah Lane & Herman Cornejo for April 1 in Detroit!

Yes, that's fabulous. Unfortunately, Sarah hasn't been added to the leading principal list on the Detroit Opera Theater website; so no one will know about her casting when they log on to buy tickets. It is so distressing to see her constantly getting the short shrift from ABT.

McKenzie did it, he gave an SB to Trenary over Abrera in Detroit. Absolutely insane.

What a shame. So disrespectful and cheap of McKenzie to do that.

It's also a shame that Sarah Lane is having such trouble with her set of Rose Adagio princes when she soared with her princes in the years of the previous production. But then, when one prince is too tall and flimsy-armed, one is Trenary's husband who likely isn't all that committed to having his wife's competition succeed, and one is Whiteside's dress-up pal who probably goes back after the show and hoots with him about how he just allowed his wrist to go a little limp or wiggled a finger to throw her off, the only prince left who is supportive of Sarah is Craig Salstein. When Aurora suddenly can't get around cleanly after previously succeeding, the new princes are always suspect.

It appears that Sarah may have a different set of princes in Detroit; Salstein is listed as Carabosse on April 1.

Oh, dear. Now who does she have to endure? Her set of outstanding princes during her brilliant 2013 Met season were Blaine Hoven, Sterling Baca, Eric Tamm, and Roddy Doble. All of these guys were 110% committed to Sarah and all knew that she was going to kill the Rose Adagio before they extended an arm to her. It doesn't get any better than that unless you can throw in Saveliev and Radetsky.

So, what if, just what if, strictly what if Stella got left off the Aurora list in Detroit because she's been given a Swan Lake with Marcelo in June. Maybe they're spreading around the opportunities a little.

That was strictly what if. Totally, strictly what if....

Is Semionova still injured?

Don't think so.

Just catching up to my reading again after the wonderful flu season! I have to agree with melponeme_k, I too, feel that Stella and Sarah would be a far better Aurora than Trenary! I am sorry but from what I have seen with my family of Ms. Trenary, she is best served as the flirt girl type or contemporary pieces, her techniques may be there but from what I have seen her mimes are just not there IMO for an Aurora. Stella or Sarah snubbed yet again is very disturbing for me!

Hi H.F. Sarah is getting an Aurora in Detroit, too.

Cassandra is a very good Princess Florine. However, when that character seeps into other roles making her appear overly aggressive and showy, she reflects the bad tastes of the times. I'm hoping that Ratmansky will tamp that down for her Aurora and that Cassandra's will be a valid interpretation. She just won't be the classic interpretation that Stella would be. And yes, I agree with you that it is disturbing to see Stella snubbed yet again.

As much as I agree about the tamping down to meet the needs of a dancer, but I would hate to see any standards lowered vs giving it to someone more deserving as Sarah or even more Stella who has waited so long to be promoted finally and then get snubbed!!


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