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March 07, 2016


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I'm extremely leery of ordering any ABT tickets so far ahead unless I know exactly who is dancing when, where and how. There have been far too many casting changes lately.

Thanks for this share Haglund!! Finally found out where Hallberg has been...in Australia and as a board member in DC!!! (according to this article late yesterday)... looks like the tides are changing or is the ship sinking?? .. For a new ship to be built? Just not sure if for good, better or worse, pending on who is next in line after the two departures!!!<https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/theater_dance/abt-star-julie-kent-is-washington-ballets-new-director/2016/03/07/e1f469ba-e49d-11e5-a6f3-21ccdbc5f74e_story.html>

It seems like a good move for the two of them. ABT would be very hard-pressed to justify continuing to pay Julie her salary of $170+K for her summer work and occasional teaching. So, going to Wash Ballet where Septime Weber made almost $200K makes sense. Presently, there is no Assoc Dir there. Therefore, the company has to find money to pay Barbee for his post. I'm sure that in the end, the financial aspects, the location, and the opportunity were easy to say Yes to.

Thank you for the video, it was interesting. The requirements are so stringent yet when we see the older dancers, we can tell that the requirements are just playing the odds. Once growth hormones start, every one starts from 0 again.

I loved little Olya, she has a smile like Sunshine which is probably why they bent the rules a little to accept her.

They may have observed how tall and beautiful Olya's mother is and decided that the odds were in the child's favor.

I loved little Olya as well. The children and the parents seemed to understand and accept the odds were slim to be one of the chosen few at the school. That acceptance is something I've rarely seen in the U.S. where everyone thinks they should be a principal dancer.

The jumping ship at ABT is interesting. I guess we need to stay tuned.....

True, SM.

I appreciate how these children learn at an early age that everyone doesn't deserve a trophy. The school administrator came out and announced very kindly but firmly that the list she was about to read were for those who "did not pass". No headpatting, coddling, or false compliments. And no pushy parents/agents there to argue with the administrator. The standard of behavior was on a whole different level than what you see in this country.

Haglund, a slight correction. In teeny, tiny type on the ABT brochure under the pictures of the principals, the tall, blond one is listed as 'on leave'. I guess the question is what does 'on leave' signify.


Thanks, Ellen. Yes, I also wonder what it means. It isn't the company's recent practice to note on brochures when a principal is out on medical or other leave. If he/she has withdrawn prior to the season because of injury, there is usually a press release. So, did he just decide not to participate in ABT's season or is he not sufficiently recovered to do so? The ABT audience would certainly have different reactions to those two scenarios.

The questions will continue to be asked until there is some transparency.

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