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March 09, 2016


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The synopsis page on the ABT website http://www.abt.org/performances/Synopses/LeCorsaire.asp and the original season announcement from October http://www.abt.org/insideabt/news_display.asp?News_ID=534 both seem to confirm the return to the Tibilova set and costume designs. As for Medora's PdT tutu, does this picture https://www.instagram.com/p/BB2-ZCDnVVH/ help at all in answering that question? (I am not familiar enough with the costumes to know.)

Thanks CMM. I totally missed that at the time of the spring announcement (as did my friend Mussel on BA who can't seem to stop using this blog as an uncredited source for posts on BA. Pretty soon we're going to start using the tag line: "Haglund''s Heel-the only news that's fit to print on Ballet Alert.")

I wasn't able to open your Instagram link, CMM, but I'll try again later on another device. The original tutu can be seen in the video of Le Corsaire. Julie Kent's tutu is a lovely silver gray with some blue tones- just gorgeous.

Edited to add link to YouTube that shows the silver tutu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73AGYwofMdA

In other DC ballet news, ABT will be presenting 3 performances of Romeo & Juliet at Wolf Trap Performing Arts Center in July.

Yes, I saw that Jennifer. It's interesting that since at least January, the Maryland travel agency Diversions has been selling tour packages entitled Misty Copeland at Wolf Trap with the date of her appearance. [http://www.diversionsinc.com/misty-copeland-at-wolf-trap1.html ] Their web page makes it clear that they had inside information on casting and were able to buy tickets in bulk before the general public. All of the rest of ABT's principals are compelled to keep their own casting quiet until the company publishes it - but not Copeland and her "team". It's an interesting double standard that benefits the one who complains about double standards that she perceives run rampant in ballet and deny her the stardom she deserves.

One can only hope that at some point soon the regime at ABT will change and all the nonsense from Copeland and her "team" will be shut down for good. ABT needs a major overhaul.


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