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March 07, 2016


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Thank you for the review. I wish I had time to visit Philly to see this production.

Haglund, if you have time, please try to see the opening cast of Pinero and Diaz. They were absolutely electrifying on Thursday night!

Thanks, Kristen!

Thanks for this wonderful in depth review, wish I could be there to see this for myself, but so thrilled to hear that Angel (one of my most favorite dancers) is doing so well for himself and possibly giving his NYC old AD a run for their money or at least wake up to see what they are missing!!!

Perhaps, sometime in the future, when the current AD is no longer at ABT, Corella can step into that position and turn ABT into the World Class Company it ought to be.

Well, Angelica, hopefully an exit strategy for ABT's AD is in the works. You know what they say about rats leaving a sinking ship. Two big ones announced their departures today.

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