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May 18, 2016


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Where is David Hallberg? He's gone MIA.

Craig Salstein really surprised me with how well he did this last night. Such clarity. And agree that Gorak did a great job. I had trouble concentrating on it because I kept having my eyes drawn to Cass Trenary. I kept thinking, YES! That's the right dynamic for the hands in that sequence! That's the right velocity for the turn... why doesn't everyone do it that way?

Is it true, Cornejo is injured? I wonder if he will be able to continue with his schedule. I was planning to buy a ticket to his and Lane's Sleeping Beauty.

It was announced at curtain that he was being replaced due to an injury. He has some problems that he continually deals with. With Gorak clearly ready to dance the role, they might have decided to withdraw Herman as a precautionary measure.

I observed the dress rehearsal for this performance yesterday. Cornejo rehearsed the piece in the afternoon. Marked a few of the sections but mostly danced full out. I suspect it was a precautionary measure.

Like you, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the costuming in Piano Concerto #1. You were spot on in your comments about the corps' strength in this piece.

Good to hear that Cornejo was rehearsing yesterday.

Yes, that PC#1 corps was something else. It was so good to see those ladies tearing up the stage, especially Hamrick and Lavine who we need to see much more of -- soon.

Christine Dunham! Toni Lander! HH, you are killing me!

I was awed by Gorak’s bravura performance last night. There were moments during the ballet when I wasn’t even sure it was him. I’m truly enjoying the Ratmansky triple bills this week, most especially because it offers the chance to see the entire company, performing as an ensemble, in the kinds of roles we rarely get to see them perform. All that talent, and on display for once! By the way, Cornejo was back at work today for the matinee performance, dancing beautifully with Lane in Seven Sonatas. Actually, all six dancers in Seven Sonatas looked great, including Blaine Hoven, who looked so good with Veronika Part that I began daydreaming about seeing the two of them together in Swan Lake. Would love to see this kind of daydream become reality!

LLF - I agree about Blaine. He's been on the backburner for a long time while doing superb work in everything. His predicament is almost the male version of Abrera. He is one who truly suffered for opportunities while McKenzie dragged in every worthless guest artist he could find.

Gstavella, old Haglund has a lot of rings around his trunk. 😏

Thank you, Haglund, for this wonderful review. I wish I could have read it before attending the dress rehearsal yesterday, as it would have made the works more meaningful to me. However, I was astonished at the fabulous dancing all across the ranks. I've been watching Christine Shevchenko for a number of years and singled her out as someone to watch. And Cory Stearns was a whole new Cory in the studio rehearsal a month ago. No longer a boy, but now a man, acting as well as dancing in the rehearsal with Gillian of Fille, and doing powerful, soaring jumps and multiple turns landing on a dime, all with the most beautiful line and gorgeous face. Stearns and Bolle, you can't take your eyes off them for a minute this season.

Angelica, we'll just have to wait and see what new develops in Stearns. His schedule is certainly lighter than in years past which may be very helpful to him.

Bolle has been around ABT for 9 years now. At 40 years old, he is not only the oldest male (so-called) principal, but he seems to be the one most determined to preserve the flexibility required for ballet. I'm surprised that his dedication to his flexibility regime has not influenced more men at ABT. True, he hit the genetic lottery, but he obviously has not been taking anything for granted.

Thank you, Haglund. I really appreciate this wonderful review! I'll be seeing the Trilogy Friday night for the first time and I'm really looking forward to it. I also chose this program to see Veronika Part, and because Saturday night I'll be watching Serenade at NYCB.

Yes, where is David Hallberg? Injured? Burned out? Did he retire quietly? It doesn't seem like he's dancing on any continent.

Don't know exactly.

I saw ShosTril last night and I soooo agree with H; mostly a WOW! In #9, LaTeusch is lovely. Beautiful with Gomes. And Craig Salstein (minus his mini-Eros costume) was great. Very exciting to watch. Has anyone ever commented on how musical he is? Reminds me (lets throw some names around) of how Patti McBride used to 'play' with the music. Nice job Craigy! Herman was in last night. Still flying all over the place and landing impossibly in 5th every time. Yeah, I love me some James Whiteside, but I gotta agree with H on this one too. Someone needs a little gravitas to grow as an artist. And in #1, after I stopped crying that Gillian was still out, I enjoyed it. Shevchenko was charming. But who knew that Cory became (or maybe I missed it before) such a good partner?? Someone wants to be Marcello when he grows up? And ok H, you can stop reading now...... I liked Simkin and Kolatchnikova. Fun to watch. Nice contrast to Chrisy and Cory. Like their bratty little kid sister and brother. oxox And PS HA! H, Gstavella has a couple rings his self too. ;-)

True, Gstavella, "LaTeusch" has lovely lines and clearly knows how to make restraint beautiful.

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