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May 18, 2016


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Congrats to Taylor Stanley! I thought he already was a Principal!

He's incredible. I can hardly keep my eyes off of him whenever he is on stage.

I can't get over how beautifully Taylor dances. Such exquisite line and grace. I enjoy City Ballet more now than when Mr. B was still at the helm. I give Peter full credit for picking talent and giving them the opportunity to grow.

Agree, AB-D, and he has a natural quality that is very different from anyone else I can think of who is dancing today.

I enjoy NYCB more today than in the 1960s-70s simply because I know more than I did then. I try to resist engaging in presentism or suggesting that the raw artistry of today's dancers is better than those in the past. I'm just glad that I'm alive now to watch what they're doing.

Wait... aren't we supposed to be wallowing in nostalgia about the good old days?

Well, yes, if one is desperately trying to sell a book...

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