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May 19, 2016


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Yes, but he also said that the offer was not real and the magazine made it up. He can desire it, but that doesn't mean a thing.

Julio says that the story was the invention of the journalist. I guess we would have to hear from the journalist in order to weigh that. I speculate that it was more likely that the journalist thought that he had a credible source, perhaps someone inside Sodre Ballet.

The intriguing part of all this is that Julio has used it to express a clear desire to direct ABT at some future time. He has put in place at Sodre a co-director and another person in charge of the dancers which would ease transitioning out. What's more, he didn't release a public denial when the story occurred even though he acknowledged that the story caused some problems. He waited until another reporter happened to bring it up in an interview and only then did he say that it was not true.

I will have to disagree with you that if Julio desires it, it doesn't mean a thing. I think it means a lot. He experienced how vibrant ABT was when he arrived under Baryshnikov's direction; he knows how sorry it became under McKenzie's direction. Neither he nor any former principals (not currently on the payroll) have come out in support of McKenzie's direction of the company, and some in fact have been openly critical of it. Julio has universal support and trust, an unbeatable resume, and a critical eye on quality. ABT would be mad not to put together a deal immediately.

Dear Haglund,
Have you seen this link about Stella & Gillian 20th year anniversary with ABT? About Stella's dancing Sleepin Beauty for her 20th year with the company, I dislike the way Kevin said it. Whose fault was it that she was stuck in Soloist rank forever?

Thanks much for the link, JAD. It includes some nice footage of both dancers, but McKenzie does wreck it, doesn't he: from his jeans where it looks like his fly is open to his grating, insipid voice to his ignorant words. Does he really think that people are going to believe that he wasn't totally responsible for holding Stella and others back when they should have been promoted? One need look no further than the tired, lifeless, boring McKenzie to see why this company isn't anywhere nearly as spectacular as it should be. Re his last comment: there won't be "justice" at ABT until he is gone.

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