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May 31, 2016


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The marketing for ABT is awful. They need to stop relying on family friends and dancer's personal managers. They need to hire the same company NYCB uses and rework their image from ground up.

They keep playing this story that no one is interested in their dancers. It is because THEY aren't interested in their own dancers. They don't follow up on good performances.

Case in point, when NYCB read all the reviews of everyone lauding Indiana Woodward in Bournonville Divertissements last year, they followed it up this year with casting her as the Sylph. Building recognizable dancers is as easy as that. Now how many times has ABT let audience favorites slip into obscurity with no followup? This year Arron Scott was everyone's breakout favorite in La Fille, will ABT do due diligence and pick up this momentum? I doubt it.

Thanks, melponeme_k. All good points.

I second melponeme_k!! And whatever happened to the new CEO or Executive Director? I have yet to see any news of her except for the appearance from the few gala social media posts! I love NYCB website that it gives equal opportunity/visiblity to all the dancers! It just looks "happier" for whatever that means, as old as I am I feel as if the ABT site is SOS! Tired looking and the NYCB looks so fresh! I love the short videos of many of the dancers, even the corps! It is so nice to "get to know" them individually. Maybe ABT should take their lead and put their money to good use?

I'm selfishly soooo sad about Robison because we will miss him so much here in Houston!

I can totally understand that, Diana. Maybe a trip to SF is in your future.

Haglund, I'm still scratching my head over what is going on with Cory Stearns. I saw him in a studio rehearsal jumping as high and turning as well as Steven McCrae in the video. Truly, Cory was phenomenal. I thereupon bought a ticket to his first Colas because I wanted to see the very same thing again and on stage. What a disappointment! His performance was completely underwhelming and I don't understand why. He seemed to be happy and smiling, but he wasn't delivering the goods. I know he's capable. Why doesn't he show us?

I don't know, Angelica. It was his debut. Maybe he hasn't had time to internalize everything yet. Wait to see what happens tomorrow when he dances Conrad in Le Corsaire, a role he first danced in 2008. Maybe he will pull out his big dancing then. If he doesn't....

Indeed, Haglund! A getaway to San Francisco would be quite nice, so I'll have to go check out SFB's upcoming season.

In other HB news, this beautiful Giselle ad featuring Yuriko (https://www.instagram.com/p/BFXgqFYu1_U/) is up on the side of the Wortham and on billboards around town. They just posted casting, and I'm hoping to snag a ticket to one of her shows.

Thanks for your thoughts on ABT's Fille. I think you meant David Blair in 1960 (not David Wall) ...

Yes, indeed. Thanks for the correction. I had Mayerling on the brain, again.

Diana, thanks for the update. I hope you can get a ticket to one of Yuriko's Giselles. She is breathtaking in this role. I had to travel from NY to Chicago and to Detroit in order to see her performances. They were so vivid that I can still summon them up from memory whenever I need a Giselle fix.

I wasn't able to open that Instagram link. I think IG has been messing around with permissions lately.

Whoops, I biffed the link with the parenthesis. This should work: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFXgqFYu1_U/

I saw Yuriko's Giselle last spring at Miller Outdoor, but the experience isn't quite the same as in the theater. I'll be calling the ticket office today to do some exchanges and purchases.

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