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May 03, 2016


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I only purchased two tickets to ABT, Stella's La Fille and Veronica's Swan Lake. I'm stuck watching Whiteside both times. Oh well.

Why do only Boyleston and Seo gain dance opportunities is beyond me. No one wants to watch them. And Kochetkova looks like an 11 year old. When I saw her dancing with Cornejo last fall, it creeped me out. He looks good with Lane, Kochetkova wasn't needed. Why not allow them to dance together? Gorak has a huge dancer crush on her. But no, the AD is convinced Simkin and Lane are the OTP.

Incidentally, Lane danced the R&J pas de deux with Zhurbin recently. Did you see the pictures? They looked lovely together.

What were they thinking not giving a SL or an R&J to Sarah? Is there a vendetta against her?

I saw Kochetkova in the hallway at 890 Broadway, and she does look 11, thank you Melponeme_k. No tickets for her, or Semionova, or Seo. I bought tickets to see Stella in Fille, but I can't bear to see Veronika dance with Whiteside, much as I adore her SL. He'll just ruin it for me.

I agree. And what a slap at Veronika to cast Boylston in S.L. with Marcelo instead of her.

I guess my Julio Bocca AD at ABT dream is on hold for now. Haglund, your comment of about the apartment has given me hope (I'll hold on to anything at this point). I echo everyone's comments about the casting. It is dreadful and all the deserving and amazing dancers are just tossed to the side. Right now the only thing I will see this season is the Ferri/Cornejo R&J. If that changes I will not even know what to do.

In a news conference yesterday in which he announced a new gala program of Paquita, Petit Mort, and Creation, Julio explained that there comes a time when you need much more support to run a company. Thus, the appointment of the interim AD as co-AD and the appointment of the Company Master.

Julio did say, however, that "It's a way of preparing this project for the future." Optimism wants to read more into that than is probably there, but having a co-director and company master sure would make walking away a lot less bumpy.

I second SM about your comment on Bocca's condo, even though I am not sure how long I can hold my breath but I will keep dreaming for better days to come. I do wish him all the best! As for ABT, I am just getting dizzy with these changes, I feel like it is all a shell game, and more reason why I am waiting till the last minute to get my tickets this year with my limited funds! I, too, agree with Melponeme_k and saw Lane's R&J, and agree she was lovely and hope they will not continue to overlook her. As for the Whiteside factor, I totally agree with Angelica as I am still trying to grasp his fascination. For me, I avoid his shows even though he may have the techniques, he has never shown any connection with any of performances I have seen him in, and I feel as if he is dancing for himself on that stage each time with complete lack of emotions IMO!

Every now and then I come here to read your comments of what's going on in the Dance world. I live the SF now, I just saw Yuan Yuan Tan in Cranko's Eugene Onegin, she was sublime. This season I was " fortunate" enough to see Kochetkova only one time in R&J PDD at Joan Boada's farewell performance, she was awful. Asides from her 6 o' clock dévelopé a la second, everything else about her is just alright. I am sorry that you folks in NYC are stuck with her at ABT because I for once do not wish to attend her performances in SFB.

@Angelique. Yes, there does seem to be a vendetta against Sarah Lane within the upper management of ABT. Why? Not sure.

The better question is why is she staying at a company which refuses to use her to her full potential? A dancer's career is incredibly short and she's already 30 something. She should make moves now while she still has youth and health on her side.

I agree with both of you that there seems to be a vendetta against Sarah. The passing over of her for roles in favor of some of the klutziest, least appealing, bulky, leaden dancers who are clearly less competent than Sarah can only be due to improper influences. She may continue to stay here because her life outside of dance is here: her home, her husband, his career.


I adore Yuan Yuan Tan and was so pleased to see her perform in NYC as Cinderella when SFB was here a couple of years ago. Gorgeous dancer from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes.

Perhaps Kochetkova is now gravitating eastward because she finally senses not everyone adores her in SF. Honestly, I can't watch her on stage. Besides what you described, she has the irritating style of a competition/gala dancer - very showy, no substance, and a personality that immediately grates on the nerves.

My solution would be to put Stella in everything (and Sarah next). I'm happy that she has the principal title as a well-deserved feather in her cap, but her casting is abysmal as ever. She doesn't get the touchstone roles.

Marcelo is like the cookie who is handed to the favored ballerina of the moment. You can definitely read the tea leaves that way. I could almost forgive Vishneva for stealing him from Veronika, but I have no desire to watch Boylston ever.

Our favorites never appear without an unappealing partner, like a bitter pill taken with a spoonful of sugar.

True, what you say, but with the exception of Stella and Marcelo in Sleeping Beauty -- at least at the moment.

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