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May 08, 2016


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I keep reading buzz on another site that Alexei Ratmansky should be ABT's new AD. All I can think is "You want the person responsible for both Firebird and The Tempest, arguably ABT's two worst productions, as Artistic Director?". No, just no, at least for me. Your thoughts, Haglund?


Ellen, my choices in no particular order are Bocca, Corella, Stiefel. I don't like the idea of a choreographer running ABT. There would be an immediate conflict of interests and a danger that the look of the company would evolve to favor his choreography.

I totally agree about the reused advertising poster. But then again, I'm not surprised. This whole season is dedicated to showcasing just one dancer. That is why Giselle was not mounted this year.

And they should be embarrassed by the poster. It does not show the dancer in a favorable light at all. The body looks ungainly with the fire looking like the result of a college joke.

And when I think about on Stephanie Dabney's landmark performance along with the gorgeous poster. It makes me angry that said dancer's guard dogs got on film to say that Dabney, her company and her ballet were not the work of a major dance company.

ABT is well known for its lame, unimaginative marketing. The glorious poster of Jose Manuel Carreno in Le Corsaire continued to be used after he retired. Then, they re-hashed it with Marcelo Gomes.

Every year they put out a commercial that has the absolute worst pre-1970s script and voice. It is a total embarrassment to the field of advertising, not to mention ABT.

I like Anthony Huxley more each time I see him. I don't know if it's just me seeing him better or if he's improving so much since being elevated to principal but I love the guy now.


Huxley is definitely improving, especially in the partnering area and in making connections with his ballerinas. He still has some weaknesses: double tours to the left and double saute de basques, but he's a brilliant light on the stage, that's for sure.

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