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June 19, 2016


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hi Haglund,

I just saw the film of this RB Sleeping Beauty last week. I had never seen Cuthbertson and was very impressed. Spectacular is the word for those fish dives! I was stunned when Cuthbertson did that battement to the back, and so fast and effortlessly. What a beautiful image! I'm looking forward to your review of ABT's SB.
Thanks again.

Hi, Marta.

Cuthbertson is truly beautiful in this role. Also, Sarah Lamb, who was the Aurora in a recent worldwide cinema transmission, is exquisite. I love how seriously the Royal Ballet takes its classicism.

Hi Haglund,

Sarah Lamb was one of my favorites when she danced in Boston Ballet. Her career seems even more brilliant at the Royal.

I saw the film also and Lamb blew me away. If ABT must hire guest artists, I've often wished they would invite more RB ballerinas besides Cojocaru, like Marianela Nunez.

I can only imagine how Sara Lane would look after a few years at the Royal. I'd hate to see her leave the U.S., but her talents are totally wasted at ABT.

Two weeks ago (in London) I saw Lauren Cuthbertson, as Hermione, in Wheeldon's "The Winter's Tale" at the Royal. I'm a big fan of hers, and try to see her perform on my bi-annual trips to London. She was, of course, glorious in the role. Sarah Lamb, in fact, danced Perdita that night, too -- also beautifully! Looking forward to seeing this same production (with the National Ballet of Canada) at the NY State next month.

Oh Haglund, I agree with you, Sarah Lamb is a wonderful Aurora. Here is a wonderful clip of Sarah in SB, absolutely no leg to ear like some tasteless ballerinas ...

About ABT's "Sleeping Beauty week" ... Whom to see? This clip of Cuthbertson got me very excited about Sleeping Beauty, but I'm not sure about ABT's casting for this run. Isn't their website (as well as the Met's) the worst? Who was the "cokehead" who threw his career away?

Hi, Ken.

I recommend Abrera & Gomes, Lane & Cornejo, Murphy & Stearns. I am very interested to see what Trenary does with Aurora at the Wed matinee because the role could be ideal for her if she can fully adopt the style, but her partner is objectionable - so I have to muse over that decision.

I should add that Sarah & Herman do not do the fish dives. They do closer to what Ratmansky ascertained was a much earlier version.

The cokehead was Sergei Polunin.

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