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June 09, 2016


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I have tickets to see the Kajiya/Walsh cast next weekend. I can hardly wait!

You will be rewarded.

"Picture a fluttering leaf as it drifts and shifts, carried by a breeze.

That is the rarified air that ballerina Yuriko Kajiya brings to Stanton Welch's nuanced new "Giselle."

During Thursday's premiere, all sorts of things floated: fog, miles of featherweight tulle but, most especially, Kajiya. "

And this:

"Kajiya balanced a fragile temperament with an explosive inner burn; she can float one second and shift course with startling, quicksilver speed the next. Connor Walsh, a playfully shallow Albrecht in Act I, brought mature eloquence to Act II, when he translated his character's heavy heart into dazzling footwork, including tour-de-force entrechats. He partnered Kajiya with a strength and fluidity that made their kindred spirits palpable."


[You have to access the article via Google in order to avoid the paywall.]

And tonight Jared takes on the role of Albrecht opposite Sara Webb:


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