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August 14, 2016


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Couldn't agree more. Devon Teuscher has beautiful control and clarity. She is going to be an extraordinary swan queen.

Thanks for the comment, elfantgirl.

Two words for Devon: Form Glorious.

Since a lot of my recent swan sightings have been O/Os who skew gloriously Russian, I love that Devon is an unmistakably American Black Swan in the Jaffe/Murphy tradition. She has a regal bearing that makes it easy for me to visualize her as Odette as well.

What a ray of hope for ABT. Perhaps she will get a matinee next Spring. However I imagine that the abundance of short male principals poses something of a roadblock to this scenario...

Maybe not, Zoot. Both Hammoudi and Forster have been readying Siggies a little bit at a time. I hope Devon gets a warm-up performance of Swan Lake in Wash DC before the Met. That would certainly warrant a trip for me.

She's the real deal.

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