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August 22, 2016


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Hi Haglund, are you aware of the way in which they sent out the renewal letters? It was tucked into that huge 2016-2017 brochure they sent out about three weeks ago. I almost missed my letter entirely. I thought, oh, another brochure and put it aside. Only later did I crack it open, and as I did a letter fell out. Almost tossed it aside figuring it was some fundraising plea, but I happened to glance at it and saw it was Society NYCB renewal. I can imagine others missed it entirely.

Wow, thanks peaseblossom. I remember getting that brochure, but it looked to be the same as the other half dozen that I've received. That was a real mess-up on the part of NYCB unless they wanted us to overlook the opportunity for renewal so that they could get closer to eliminating it altogether, which has always been their desire. Why would they go to the expense of sending yet another hefty and expensive brochure along with the Society NYCB renewal letter? Very wasteful.

Thanks for the heads up! I am not a senior citizen, but I also have been waiting anxiously for my renewal letter since August rolled around. I don't recall receiving the brochure you both mention (or any kind of mailing from NYCB in recent weeks). I was going to wait until Monday to call if I still hadn't received renewal notice by the weekend, but just renewed successfully by phone after seeing this post. Box office person was super nice, so I didn't want to press her with my paranoia, but color me suspicious!

Hi florizel.

It's good that you renewed by phone. I did, too. Of course, the Society NYCB ticket prices went up A LOT. I think part of it was an increase in that hokey "facility fee" that now makes the total cost - if my ears heard correctly - $24 each. I hope that any others who are still waiting for their renewal letters will call the box office. NYCB isn't going to shed any tears for those who miss the renewal deadline.

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