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September 16, 2016


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I wonder what the odds are of a Cass Trenary Swan Lake. I'm thinking it's very possible.


I'd like to see that, too. Her Odile would have delicious snap, crackle and pop, but I'm afraid the Odette would lack the more important requisite legato and lyricism which are not strong points for her yet. My preference for this spring would be to see Cassie concentrate on Kitri and to make sure that she has all of the tricks safely in her pocket so she doesn't have to worry about them.

I think the future is looking bright for Teuscher. We already have a tall ballerina retiring (granted she hasn't danced that much in recent years). Another one on MatLeave. And another one (sadly) who is transitioning out of roles every year (I'm talking about Part. Hopefully she will still be allowed to dance O/O until she retires though, she's ABT's best Odette). She's (Teuscher) on the same partner height requirement as these ladies and a few others bordering their late 30's. So if I were ABT's management I'd be testing her now in more full length roles. She may be needed sooner than we think. And yes, I think she will be wonderful in classical roles.

I completely agree, Silvie, that Devon has a fabulous future ahead of her dancing the iconic roles.

Teuscher would make a fierce Odile. Her fouttes are rock-solid. I'm saving up my vacation time (and finances) in the hopes she premieres at KC.

I would try to make the trip, too.

Let us hope Cassie and Skylar (I'm more excited to see the latter, personally, for the way she just seems to float and spin with minimal effort) fill in one Kitri each. Perhaps this will spare us from the inevitable two performances each scenario for Seo and Boylston. And then, the issue of who gets which male partner is always another layer of frustration. Is Alban Lendorf worth the ticket price if he does indeed perform this year? I have never seen him dance.

Devon is READY. The way the light hits her face on stage combined with her technical capabilities and regal carriage...well, she should be a no brainier for an O/O debut. How easy to imagine that Siegfried would be bewitched by her. She's the definite heir to Gillian-shaped hole that will sadly emerge in a few years, I imagine. Sometimes when she was playing Lady Capulet my eyes would scan to her...while Juliet was dancing!

Has Stella ever danced Onegin's Tatiana?

Hi Zoot.

ITA with you that Devon is ready and there is no question that the audience is ready to see her in O/O as well as both Skylar and Cassie in Don Q. Let's hope common sense prevails, because we really need ABT to put people in these roles who can really do the job and not fake it.

Stella hasn't danced Tatiana yet and it will be a great role for her if she gets a theatrically giving Onegin. Same with Veronika who would bring down the house in the role even if she was dancing opposite a paper bag.

To answer your question about Lendorf - He's a decent dancer, but has nothing suggesting the kind of extraordinary caliber that one should expect from a guest artist, especially when no guest artist or imported quasi-principal is needed. All that is needed is a director who can make full use of the in-house talent.

Veronica would need Roberto or Marcello to partner her esp in the bedroom PDD.

Hi, Jose.

That would certainly be the best arrangement in a lot of people's minds, but unfortunately, ABT generally doesn't think along those lines. They tend to give Veronika a secondary partner with the idea that she'll sell enough tickets on her own. Everyone suffers.

Silvie, who is on maternity leave?

Gerry, Semionova is pregnant. She is a de facto guest artist and listed on the roster only because McKenzie thinks that the audience is a total fool and will believe that she's a legitimate principal.

Gotcha. I hope after Vishneva goes, the board will get the hint and stop importing these part-time ballerinas when they have such good ones to choose from in the ranks.

Devon Teuscher just posted a rather cryptic (but positive!) message on Instagram. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Nicole, thanks! That's a fabulous hint she laid out. I certainly hope it pertains to Washington DC casting followed by the Met.


Let's go let's go let's go!!!

Awww I really hope that's the case. MET season tickets go on sale in a little over a month so we should have (at least partial) casting information soon. I hope it's happy news for her (and us). Same thing goes for the KC Swan Lake performances. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed.

Sarah tends to post hidden messages when things don't go well (but not in a spoiled kind of way, rather in a "stay strong, thing will get better" kind of way) and it always breaks my heart when I see them because I know something went wrong and she's sad at that moment. I'd love to see a happy hidden message from her soon. Fingers crossed for her as well.

Nvm that should have said "season subs" not "tickets". Tickets usually go on sale in March, don't they? See, too much excitement can make you forget important facts. Still, last year, casting info came out in October so hopefully it will be the same.

Silvie, I think your crossed fingers may just being doing the trick for Sarah. Keep 'em tight. 😀

Haglund, do you read the last paragraph in this article http://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/american-ballet-theatre-s-jeffrey-cirio-looking-challenge-n647726 as a Met casting hint for Giselle?

Yes, CMM, I read it and it turned my stomach. Hopefully, Cirio was speaking only hypothetically. Allowing a dancer with so-called classical lines that resemble a distorted bumpy gourd dance Giselle instead of Gillian, Veronika, and Sarah - all of whom have succeeded in the role elsewhere and desperately deserve the chance to dance it in New York - makes me sick.

This should not be Giselle under any circumstances:
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Haglund, I don't want to jinx anyone so I won't speculate at all. But I trust you, so my fingers will remain tightly crossed for her (and I suppose lighting a green and a yellow candle again wouldn't hurt either).

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