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September 09, 2016


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Wow! Thanks, Hagland, for that blast from the past! For kids back then, Jane Asher was the absolute "It" girl, the one you wanted to be. In addition, I've also read that the only show of the ABT Paris run which sold out beforehand was the Sat. matinee. A slap in the face to the ABT AD, peut-etre? Hope you've been able to enjoy the snippets of video which have been posted to Instagram during the run by fans & dancers alike. I've had a happy couple of weeks viewing bits of laughter and some wonderful dancing!

Hi, LLF.

It's made me quite happy, too, to see those snippets of Sarah Lane's rehearsals. You know, Herman was busy in Argentina with Alessandra preparing for a gala during the first week and the week prior to the Paris run. If he had been available on opening night, maybe Sarah would have gotten the performance.

As for Jane Asher – holy cow, what a trip down memory lane! You can see McCartney's regret in the faces of all of the women who came after her. 😉

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