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September 11, 2016


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Is it just me, or has has Stella actually become more lovely over the last few years? I haven't seen her dance in a bit due to my being overseas, and she looks exquisitely light in this clip. Second question, would someone please tell me why Sarah Lane is not a principal yet? I admit I'm out of the loop these days, but it doesn't make sense even based only on internet clips of her current dancing.

Haglund-- did you see the ABT ad in today's NYTimes Arts section? Finally a new design! I think the photo is striking but the copy worries me as being too similar to NYCB's ads. Perhaps that's inevitable-- how creative can you get listing ballet rep?

Curious what you think.

No, I haven't seen it. Is it the ad they've been using with Devon Teuscher and Paulina Waski in nesting arabesques?

What I find even more interesting than ABT's possible borrowing of NYCB's black & white media concepts is THE MET OPERA clearly imitating NYCB's media style in its new Voice That Must Be Heard posters and billboards. Ha!

Yes it is the two women in arabesque. I hadn't seen it before.

We'll see if ABT and The Met are helped by these "new" campaigns.

Both of these couples received the notice they deserved. I hope it encourages management to cast them in more projects not less.

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