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September 21, 2016


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This is hilarious.

Hope for more from the Scrub Daddy peeps in the future.

Um um um um you are getting my tiny little hopes up....

Eagerly awaiting the moment when we can all share in what looks to be some scrubby-licious news!

Oh, good news for Lane? I'm so excited for her!

No disrespect intended, but when the company started their season, Angel stated on Facebook, "The day is finally here!! So happy to have the company all together at last. After watching them in class I can say it is a dream company. The energy , the enthusiasm and the dancing it was on the roof. I can't wait for all of you to see it." If he truly has a "dream company," why does he need to bring in guest dancers from ABT? (I am hearing the same rumor with an additional dancer besides Lane.) I have nothing against Sarah and enjoy her performances, but shouldn't this be about PA Ballet's new company dancers?

Hi Balcony Member,

Sterling Baca is not a guest artist at Pennsylvania Ballet. He is a principal dancer. He was a sadly under-utilized, enormously talented & ready corps dancer at ABT. He was lured away by Corella who dangled opportunities that Baca should have had at ABT but didn't because of the hapless artistic mis-direction.

I haven't heard anything about Sarah Lane or any other dancers being guests at Pennsylvania Ballet, but I would not be surprised. Corella is rebuilding a company that clearly needs new bricks and mortar. That was very apparent in performances that I saw during the first year that Angel had direction. The dancers who were let go got a lot -- a lot -- more consideration than most employees in corporate America get when a new manager comes in with the mandate to move the company forward. They got a full year to work their tails off for him and get on board with the program while spiffing up their skills, but several didn't. And so they're gone. That's the way it goes.

I'm not privy to any rumors.

But I feel Corella is fair, a lot more than the crowd in charge of ABT at the moment.

If he is inviting ABT dancers to guest star, I have a feeling it is with a mind for a more permanent basis. He knows who is capable and he has already created a lot of buzz for PA Ballet. I've read that their ticket sales have gotten better since he took over.

He is creating serious competition for ABT right now. He has the eye and the will to really develop true talent.

While I'm waiting impatiently for the Kennedy Center casting (too much to hope for Stella?), I found this online, which includes an interview with her, plus some clips of her dancing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79PK0dCd1FQ (apologies if this has already been posted on the site!)

Hi, CM.

Yes, we wrote about this earlier but it is always good to have a reminder for a top-notch piece of journalism on ballet. Paula Zahn does a fabulous job here. And what great news it was to hear that she is taking over for the retiring Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning. It'll be a smooth transition to an anchor who loves the arts as much as Osgood does.

Haglund -- any word on whether Sarah's Giselle will be at the Met, in Oman, or both?

Nope. No idea what's going on.

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