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October 27, 2016


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Hi Haglund,

I've so been waiting for your review of Simkin/Part Prodigal! It was worth the wait. Thanks again for your perceptive and entertaining viewpoints. Also, futile question: I would like to know why the AD doesn't think Part merits a Giselle.

"... we would prefer to see her advance to the role in the front and see Isabella moved to the role in the back ..." -- what about dumping (verb chosen intentionally) Isabella into the second cast with Misty (and then avoiding those performances, of course) and letting Sarah advance into the first cast with Stella and Joseph? That was the very first thought I had (knowing, of course, that it would never happen) upon seeing Kochetkova's name missing from the season announcement back in July.

HH, Even though I wasnt able to get tickets to see the Park/Smikin P-Son, I am sooooooo glad she got a good review from you. I am very #teamronnie! BTW, I a dying to hear your POV on ABT spring schedule. But first, let me give you mine, 'Yawn'. And WTF with 'Le Corsaire AGAIN???? Is it to give a ballerina (and I use the term loosely) who sells lots of tickets, a full length ballet she can stumble through? I just give up!

Her height led Veronika Part to be cast as Siren and Myrta and not Giselle. Height connotes power and authority. A lot of ballet companies have limited imagination about casting for artistry rather than conventional assumptions about who "looks" the part.

After reading your review, I'm truly sorry to miss seeing Veronica Part as the Siren, though I look forward to seeing her in the Monotones II tomorrow. Speaking of which, this video clip was posted earlier today to Sarah Lane's Facebook page; it's a 2 minute-plus glimpse of the Monotones I rehearsal with Copeland, Lane and Simkin. It looks fascinating and wonderful and it makes me even more excited for tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/Sarah-Lane-124434904299788/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf

Thanks LLF. Hope the performance you see tomorrow goes well. Last time around Copeland, Simkin, and Kochetkova were horrendous in Monotones I - wobbling and out of sync. Maybe the addition of Sarah Lane to the cast this year has made the other two concentrate harder although Misty seems to be having more stability problems than the other two in that FB clip.

Hi Hagland, I saw Veronika as the Siren tonight, and, wow!!! She was stunning. When I first saw the casting, and especially now, I wonder how Hee Seo compares. I can’t imagine her in this role at all. I did however think she was very good in Monotones tonight, as was Stella, although Isabella was wobbling all over the place.

On another note, I’m very much looking forward to hearing your reaction to the spring casting… I have so many questions. Why is Roberto only in two performances? Who might partner Veronika in Swan Lake? What does it mean, on the mailer, that David Hallberg is ‘on leave’? I’m really hoping I get to see Stella / Marcello’s Giselle and I would love to see Veronika’s Swan Lake opposite Marcello or Roberto, although the latter seems very doubtful. I’m also excited about Stella being cast in Onegin, which I’ve never seen, although Cory Stearns has never been a favorite of mine.

I just got home from ABT. Monotones sadly had MC in the cast. Prodigal Son was WONDERFUL. Both Part and Simkin were great. BTW, I always had Peter Boal at the top of my favorite list of sons. Your thoughts?

I just saw the Saturday 2pm performance. My first question is why can't they just do Monotones three times? Why waste the time, the energy and the audience doing other things. I love this ballet. I saw MC in it last season, today she seemed improved and more secure. Yet Sara's fluidity just accentuates MC's weaknesses. Part was lovely!
In Prodigal Son, Hee Seo was beautiful but not terribly seductive. I'm enjoying watching Jeffery Cirio develop.
Finally, to the women in G7 (older woman wearing all cream colored clothing, large expensive glasses, and a fur coat on a warm day), TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. It made noises in all 3 ballets, even rang in Prodigal. After the phone chirped multiple times during Monotones and Her Notes, during the 2nd intermission I politely asked her to turn it off, she apologized but did nothing, so it rang during Prodigal Son. Is she "that" important to disturb all that are around her? Shame, shame, shame!

re: the woman in G7. At least she wasn't wearing size 2 sneakers with blue flashers and kicking her feet under her chair while Mommy completely ignored the effect on everyone around them.

I saw the Seo/Cirio cast, too. Hee's Siren was the same kittenish Gamzatti that she was in La Bayadere. Nor is she tall enough for the role to make any kind of an impression. No authority to speak of. Cirio wasn't bad at all. It might possibly have been an awesome performance if Part had been his Siren.

I saw Seo today.

She had some spark for a few moments. But she just wasn't tall or imperious enough. There is nothing menacing about her. Plus Cirio was bigger than she.

Also, why hasn't Forster been thrown into the deep end of the pool to partner Veronica? They looked great together today in Monotones II. He is tall enough that even on pointe she still looks tiny and delicate next to him. My heavens, ABT put them together in Swan Lake!

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