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October 30, 2016


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Just saw the casting for May at theMet. Sarah Lane in Giselle!!! Haglund you wily coyote were you sitting on this info for weeks??? I am overjoyed for her.


Thank you, Mr. S., for another excellent critique. Your discernment and taste for what is right and wrong in certain ballet productions is impeccable and always welcome.

A very insightful review, Mr. S. Somebody should give you Alistair Irrelevant's job. Is Lendorf a full-time principal exclusively with ABT? I thought he was another of McKenzie's guest artists but maybe... I haven't seen him perform in person so I'll reserve judgment.

Took a look at casting for the spring season. Whipped Cream debuts with Ratmansky's favorites in the leads thank the lord.

Sarah as Giselle is a performance I will. not. miss. And she's the only soloist cast in the lead, so hopefully a promotion is impending. I only wish she had been cast with Gorak or Cornejo, where is he by the way? But I'll take Simkin.

And has anyone heard from David Hallberg? I wonder if he made like Alexandra Ansanelli and abruptly retired.

I was excited about Lane in Giselle too! I was excited negatively about Part having only one Swan, which is typical, yet certain other women getting two... also the Don Qs.
I enjoy reading the reviews by Mr S. whose writing suggests an old style gentleman of a certain age. Sometimes I wonder if Mr S. could be the nom de plume of another more famous writer.

Thank you Haglund and Mr. S. for another very interesting review. (I have been out of town and unable to attend performances this fall.)

As a member of the Loyal Opposition, I must, however, express my dismay at the idea of a full-length ballet on the fall calendar. The name of the company is American Ballet THEATRE, and far too often ABT's one-act theater pieces get the short end of the stick. I want to see The Moor's Pavane, Rodeo, Three Virgins and a Devil, Le Jeune Homme et Le Mort, Lilac Garden, Les Patineurs, etc., etc. etc. So many jewels in ABT's catalog, so little seen.

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