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October 02, 2016


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Fairchild and De Luz sure got the crowd excited. They conjured up McBride and Villella without trying to mimic them. They are well balanced with neither dominating in the way that Bouder often dominates her partners. I love Bouder and she is still my favorite among the women but she doesn't seem to have anyone who can match her intensity and attack. I also loved Laracey and Danchig-Waring together - pure elegance.


When Bouder is dancing with Veyette (who is a very good partner and with whom she likes to dance), she knows, however, that she is the one who has to carry the show. She over-compensates. I agree that she needs a partner who has a lot more stage presence and who would balance things out.

And oh what a performance that was yesterday from everyone on stage. You could feel the enthusiasm and energy in the audience building from the first act. Then Diamonds just sent everyone over the top. It isn't often that the NYCB audience can't contain itself and begins applause 16 counts before the end of the finale. A terrific show yesterday from everyone.

I have neither the background nor the experience that you do, Haglund, and I saw only the Wednesday evening performance of Jewels, but the image that is etched in my mind from that evening is Sara Mearns on her right leg on pointe, with her left leg a la second at exactly 90 degrees and perfectly turned out, being promenaded by Tyler Angle--she displaying a perfection of classical geometry and proportion that I never expected to see from her. True that elsewhere she hit 6:00 arabesques, but I'm not sure that Balanchine would have been displeased by that. Alas, the video following your comment "Here is what Diamonds should be" doesn't show up on my screen so I don't have the opportunity to compare it with Mearns's rendition. In any event, I plan to attend many performances of Jewels next year, especially in the light of your wonderful review.

Hi, Angelica. Sorry that my links weren't working for you; I'm not sure what the problem is but will investigate. The video I multi-referenced is of Farrell and Martins in the Diamonds PdD for a TV program. Here's the direct YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WOwWjwm-QY

Although Tess's Diamonds is superb and every minute a joy to watch, we really need Maria back on stage in this - hopefully for the 50th Anniversary Celebration where we'll see some new jewels as well. My wish would be to see Krohn and Laracey begin putting together this role. It takes a while to mature; there really isn't time to waste.

Thanks so much, Haglund. I think the problem may have been at my end. I restarted my computer and the links worked without any problems. I will say that Suzanne is the master of inward-directed dancing and agree that her performance is beautiful. I would so love to see Maria back on stage in this and almost anything else. And Rebecca Krohn would be staggeringly beautiful as well. Laracey (which auto-correct turned into Larceny) I don't know well enough yet, but if you keep talking about her, I'm sure I will get to know her as well!

Good to hear, Angelica. Yes, we'll keep talking about Laracey. The first time you get a whiff of her perfume, you will not forget her.

I am also very grateful for the link to the Farrell/Martins pas de deux. So lovely. I didn't see Reichlen in Jewels but everything else I have seen her do in the past year has blown me away. Thanks for the review.

Thanks Jennifer. ITA that Tess has climbed to a new peak with her dancing in the past year.

Hi Haglund,
Thank you for this evocative and colorful review. How I wish I could have seen Reichlen in Diamonds! How I wish I could see Maria K. in it too! Jewels was one of the first ballets I saw at the State Theater, with Ashley and Luders. In my memory it was the transcendent Farrell but probably because I saw the Dance in America broadcast, and I've watched the Youtube clip about 500 times. Your review reminds us that not only would Kowroski be fabulous in this role, but also that she along with De Luz are probably not going to be dancing that much longer. Maybe as you say some new jewels will be revealed in this ballet.

You've made me depressed that I missed Jewels this go-around (work deadlines). From my perspective, it certainly seems that NYCB boasts a lot of marvelous dancers these days. I've been so impressed, and this from someone for whom Kyra Nichols sets all standards. I do wish there were more of Nichols available on video. I did not see Farrell in her prime, alas ... but the pas de deux from Diamonds! Thank you for posting. My god, sublime. I feel so lucky to have seen Nichols, Kistler, Calegari, Ashley, and many other greats in their absolute primes. Today's NYCB's ballerinas are helping to keep nostalgia at bay.

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