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October 05, 2016


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Hi haglubd
I know everyone raves about Ashley's liberty bell but oh Megan ! She was simply mesmerizing as well!!! I couldn't take my eyes off of her. That was the best time I've had at the ballet since the nutcracker last year!!

ITA. Like Tess, Megan's dancing has climbed to a new peak this season. Watching last night, all I could think of is how this company has an embarrassment of riches. It is astonishing how much talent is on the stage at any one time.

Agree with both of you. Megan Fairchild is truly in the prime of her dancing right now. She's been nothing short of fantastic in everything thrown at her the past couple seasons. I also think she benefited greatly from Ashley's absence, so we'll see how casting goes in the future.

The NYCB website has Megan down for the October 9 S&S and Ashley for October 6 and 16.

Thanks, Dave – All good opportunities to see NYCB rip S&S.

I've been on the fence about Simkin. Last year he looked miserable in the Tharp piece. The only time he smiled was when Lane grabbed his hand and gave him encouragement. But I loved him in the Green Table. He is a very good actor. So the possible Lane/Simkin Giselle has me very intrigued. Lets hope Lane is given a MET performance and not just hidden away in Oman.

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