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January 18, 2017


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I decided to attend Tuesday evening's performance mostly to dispel my own lingering bad karma from ABT's inadequate productions of [two of] these works. No matter the small flaws, like Kowrowski's tiny wobbles, it was really satisfying to experience these ballets in the way they were meant to be, properly staged, and properly performed by skilled and engaged dancers. I love some of Ratmansky's ballets, but his Firebird really is bottom of the barrel. Balanchine-Robbins-Chagall is the only one to see.

Hi LLF. Your point "properly staged" is a huge one when it comes to ABT's current dismal bungling of Balanchine. (Exceptions: Lane, Murphy)

My own preference for Firebirds is Fokine's although I wouldn't ever want to give up the Chagall designs that NYCB uses. Here is Cynthia Gregory in a Live from Lincoln Center broadcast with John Meehan and Leslie Brown from more than 40 years ago. Gregory still sets the standard in so many ways. You have to turn the sound way up on your device to hear it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwcQcJBAJjI

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