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January 06, 2017


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McKenzie is the Mr. Magoo of ballet. That doozy of a Giselle photo in the subscription booklet was not alluring. What was wrong with Abrera's photos? There are plenty of her alone not with the guest star.

Part would knock Giselle out of the park. I'm still curious to know why the company won't pair her with Forster. She is still in her prime dancing years (looks very strong to me) and he is ready acting wise. I don't understand.

The TBA's that Hallberg could take are mostly duds. I suppose the reluctance is due to not wanting to carry a certain weak dancer with little stamina around the stage.

The Royal Ballet Jewels will be screened in May at a couple of cinemas on Long Island and in Westchester. Perhaps a venue in NYC itself will be added if we lobby for it.

Let's hope so, florizel. Since there are many independent cinemas in NYC that cater to the arty crowd, you'd think that they'd be dying for the opportunity to show the RB transmissions. I wonder if the ROH is possibly making it too expensive for anyone in Manhattan to show them.

Is there any possibility that the Royal Ballet will release a DVD of their "Jewels" transmission? I would love to see that cast! (And the photo is wonderful, too!)

I wonder if that is a possibility, Rosa, because the RB is filming all three performances by this particular cast on April 1st, 6th, and 11th.

Sarah Lamb is, in my opinion, the greatest ballerina in the world. I wish I was there to see this performance!

Hi, Sue. I dearly love Sarah Lamb's dancing, too, but I'm not sure if Rubies would be one of my favorite ballets for her. I hope I have the chance to find out, though.

Haglund, will you be making it to DC for any of ABT's Swan Lake performances? As a recent DC transplant, I'm looking forward to seeing both Veronika Part and Devon Teuscher (though unfortunately I wasn't able to get a ticket to Gillian Murphy's performance!)

Also, I initially purchased a ticket for the Friday night performance (with a certain "clumsy dumpster") before the casting was announced, and let's say that the box office was shocked that I wanted to exchange my ticket for another performance!

Hi, CM. It seems that you moved to DC at the right time. I hope you've also looked at the Washington Ballet schedule coming up and also the Philly schedule. And Neumeier's Hamburg Ballet is bringing The Little Mermaid to KC! I would skip the Mariinsky's Little Humpbacked Horse unless you can get a really cheap ticket. If you spend a lot of money on one, you will probably be disappointed. NYCB's KC week in June includes 4Ts and Square Dance.

I'm looking forward to Devon's debut at the Sunday matinee. I think that the clumsy dumpsters will soon be face to face with the truth that they need to try a lot harder.

Hi Haglund,

New reader, and a new ballet fan here! I wish I had found your blog when I first started attending the ballet last year. I unknowingly bought into the hype of a certain "star" ballerina at ABT, and came away sorely disappointed FOUR OUT OF FOUR TIMES that I saw her. NEVER AGAIN. I thought I either did not understand what made her so great or I was going crazy. I also ended up seeing a handful of performances with Hee Seo because they cast Bolle opposite here. ABT knows how to trap the ignorant, I tell you.

Onto a more positive note, I found this broadcast of one of NYCB's performances in Paris last summer. According to the New York Times, this will also be broadcast on PBS as part of the Great Performances program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAtXIZIHslY

I've been watching it to help get me through the next few days before NYCB starts its Winter Season.

Hi, Yukionna. Thanks for the reminder of NYCB's upcoming appearances on Great Performances. Those will be on February 17th and 24th at 9PM -- but as usual, everyone should check their local PBS schedule to confirm the date.


You have probably already seen this by now, Haglund, but it looks like the NYC audience WILL be getting Jewels! https://www.landmarktheatres.com/new-york-city/sunshine-cinema/film-info/royal-opera-house-jewels

Good news, CMM!

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