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February 17, 2017


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I'm not understanding the mania for Miller. It seems strange to me that she should be continually cast in lead roles when there are others in the Corps who are more ready for big opportunities. The situation reminds me of the other company down the way.

Thanks so much, Haglund, for this wonderful review, including the clips. It certainly contrasts with what I've read on a certain web forum. And I just figured out from your caption/sentence that I was correct in identifying the tall male dancer as Godunov. I wonder what happened to him.

I couldn't agree with you more about Lovette. It may be the best debut in Aurora I have ever seen. Energized, fresh, phrased, tender, charming, ardent, poised and placed but never calculated. Beautiful double pirouettes, and that triple! Details everywhere (that one long reach for a rose...) and one beautiful arabesque after another (not those unhinged arabesques we get too often at NYCB.) And great point you've made about more squareness and harmony -- so true. Her authority was breathtaking, but delivered with such a light touch.

Angelica, Godunov died from complications relating to his alcoholism and hepatitis.

Hi, Laura. So right about the authority with the light touch. She had no need to pound her virtuosity into the role.

I neglected to mention in my review what an outstanding job Harrison Coll did as Catalabutte. He turned the Master of Ceremonies into a truly principal role with more theatrical detail than I can ever remember seeing. Coll has a clear eye on the kingdom and knows that someday soon it will be his. It is such a joy to watch this young man's journey.


I have a question about the fish dives clip you posted. To me there is no actual 'dive' in those fish dives; I just see 'pick up the ballerina and pose her' moves (gorgeous as they are). I remember a Tchaikovsky pas where Nina A. took a great running, fearless leap into her partner's arms. To me that is a fish dive. I have no formal training in ballet, so my question is have I been wrong all these years about what a fish dive is supposed to be.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

Hi Ellen. Fish dive is a finishing position. There are various ways to get there such as from a pirouette as in Sleeping Beauty, or running and diving, or sometimes dropped from an overhead lift.

Lauren was just lovely as Aurora. A terrific debut.

Haglund, did you see Aaron Sanz as Catalabutte? He blew me away. Embodied the essence and look of a 17th century French nobleman to-a-T.

Hi EV. I haven't seen Aaron's Catalabutte yet, but I can just imagine....

There is so much talent in this company that it takes a full length ballet with a cast of thousands just to showcase half of it.

I was there on Thursday and thought Lauren's debut as Aurora was fresh and sparkling. She conveyed the unaffected charm and lively energy of a 16-year-old princess all the way up to my seat in the back of the 4th ring. She seemed almost coltish with her delicate steps when she first entered, which perfectly suited the story. I also really enjoyed the personal way she engaged her four suitors in the Rose Adagio.
I was pleasantly surprised to see Megan Fairchild cast as Princess Florine, it was a treat to get to see her dance in the same evening!
Also want to take the opportunity to thank you, Haglund, for your informative blog. Always a pleasure to read your comments, and I've learnt a lot about the ballet scene!

Thanks, Olivia. It's great to hear that Lauren's performance read well into the 4th ring.

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