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February 11, 2017


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Who is the Aurora (or Aurora/Prince combination) to see next week? Dare I take a chance on Lovette? For some reason I'm not thrilled about Fairchild as Aurora ... Why doesn't Reichlin dance Aurora? Thank you!

Ashley Bouder's brash showmanship is wearing thin these days and she came off stale and empty to me in the debut. She does not appear anywhere near 16 either. Then again, I'm not a great fan of 45 year old dancers portraying Romeo and Juliet. Luckily, Megan still does look 16 and the lightness in her manner gives her youth. She was great.

Does the NYT get a kickback from Sara Mearns for featuring her to the exclusion of any other NYCB principal dancer? It's astounding. They even like her more than they do Misty Copeland! That's a hard feat to accomplish in this era.

Kenneth. Aurora is a very classical role and Megan did more than justice to the role on Thursday. I was moved to tears and her more introspective performance (compared to what I imagine Bouder would do with the role) was really suited to the image of Aurora. If you decide to see megan in the role you will not be disappointed. It is also a role that requires impeccable technique, and I'm not quite sure if Sterling or Lauren, with their beautiful lyricism, can do technical justice to the role, and I imagine, Tiler, with her jazzy enthuiasm and whizbang techinicality, may theoretically end up being an overkill. I have to say Megan was phenomenal and to borrow the three bear allegory, was "just right" for the role in my opinion.

and Haglund, for me besides the vision scene, what moved me most about Megan's performance on Thursday eve was the act III solo variation after the pas de deux. I thought she really brought originality and sublety to that variation, and her performance for me was textbook perfect and way beyond just adequate.

Hi, Kenneth B.

In answer to your question, it depends on what you want out of your Sleeping Beauty performance. With respect to Lauren Lovette's performance, she will literally be living the story for the first time. It is her first lead in a full length classical ballet (except Nut, and we don't count R&J); it is one of the most important roles that any ballerina can dance; her youth, inexperience, beauty, and striving to be viewed as mature are as close to Aurora as you'll get. Aurora's nerves will be Lauren's raw nerves. It will be real.

Ashley Bouder is rock solid to a fault in the role these days, but when she debuted a decade and a half ago (or more)she blew the Rose Adagio balances, I think. So, if you go to Lauren's performance, bear in mind that this is the first Petipa role that she's done and it is a killer. She was marvelous in La Sylphide, but NYCB had a Bournonville specialist in that ballet come in and work with the dancers. No such Petipa specialist for S.B.

If you choose to see Megan Fairchild, you won't be disappointed. Her partner De Luz is outstanding as well. Their whole is much more than the sum of parts.

Why don't you see both Lauren and Megan?

I saw Saturday's matinee performance and I thought Sterling Hyltin was a fantastic Aurora. Beautiful, lyrical and up to the choreography challenges. Her Rose Adagio was well danced and well acted. That was the only point of the ballet where I wished the orchestra had slowed the tempo a bit. I think Hyltin would have triumphed in longer balances and extensions.

The other stand outs who were able to master Petipa were Claire Von Enck as the Fairy of Eloquence and Harrison Ball as The Bluebird.

The rest of the dancers I found curiously flat. There was also a bit awkwardness due to the change in technique requirements. In regards to Miriam Miller, I feel she is being pushed beyond her technique abilities. Her premature push into big roles is hurting her not only technique development but could make the audience weary of her.

I'm really brokenhearted that I can't see any of these performances this year! I love that your review gave credit to the princes who can often be overshadowed by Aurora - especially Joaquin De Luz who has really been at it for a while. His partnership with Megan has only gotten better over the years. I'm very curious to hear how Lauren Lovette does this Thursday as the only brand new Aurora, and also why no one else was given a shot at a debut (though this role is quite a tall order) - I can't help but wonder if someone like Indiana Woodward could have stepped up? I remember when Tiler and Kathryn Morgan were given these debuts several years ago.

Hi, Noelle.

This may have been a season where the company observed that they could get by in Sleeping Beauty by simply adding one more Aurora, and then spend the resources on readying the spring season when they will present 50 different works over a six week period. One of the entire weeks will be Midsummer Night's Dream; so, that means 49 different pieces of repertory over 5 weeks. That's insane.

In reference to the spring season, Martins intimated in an interview I heard somewhere that due to the large number of works being presented, a lot of corps dancers were going to get big opportunities. Given the "duh" fact that NYCB is where more corps dancers already get more opportunities for major roles than in most other companies, I wonder just how crazy (wonderful) it will be in the spring.

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