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February 15, 2017


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Can anyone tell me the name of the Debussy piece Eternal Spring is set to? It's extraordinarily beautiful.

It is a Dvorak piece for cello and piano, "Songs my mother taught me". It seems to be set for a string ensemble or a cello ensemble with piano accompaniment.

Thanks much, LLHO!

Did you see Lauren Lovettes debut of Aurora and Miriam Millers of Lilac? I wanna hear your input


I just watched the first part of the PBS special - I was so excited to see that these would air over here and this particular all-Balanchine French program was one of my favorites over the spring season last year. Walpurgisnacht was lovely as always, though Sara Mearns' angst face crept in a bit too much for my taste. I loved all the iconic poses of the three main corps dancers in La Valse (the spotlight pose with one arm over their eyes always elicits chills), and thought that Meaghan Dutton-O'Hara kept up with vets Gwyneth Muller and Marika Anderson quite well!

Hi, Noelle.

I totally enjoyed it as well. Don't forget to watch the second half next Friday!

Re: Gelsey Kirkland Ballet - I saw the Walpurgis Nacht and The Jewish Wedding (although I think they titled it Wedding Procession or Wedding Cortege) last season. Both were outstanding; The Jewish Wedding is an unsung masterpiece, I urge everyone to go; must see about getting a ticket for myself before it's too late.

Keep singing the praises of this troupe, Haglund. It's well worth the effort (and actually easy) to take the F out to DUMBO to see these folks.

(PS - on another subject, thanks for the info on fish dives.)

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