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February 19, 2017


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I'm so happy for Indiana Woodward. Ever since I saw her triumph in the Bournonville Divertissements a few years back, I've had my eye out for her performances. She was also great as The White Cat in Sleeping Beauty. Her promotion was truly deserved.

Also I was extremely impressed by Harrison Ball as The Bluebird in SB.

So many great dancers in the company today.

Yep, you're so right about the depth of the company. I would be in the audience every single night if I could afford it.

So thrilled and excited for these dancers! Not surprised by Emilie/Indiana/Unity as they've been featured quite a bit over the past few seasons but am so glad that Troy and Sara have gotten this recognition! Harrison is someone I've followed since he was featured in an SAB documentary and I'm just so, so pleased. Totally agree with you about Aaron Sanz as well! I can't wait to see what's next for them on stage.

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