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February 08, 2017


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Thank you for this wonderful review, Haglund. How insightful of you to pick up that there is no footage of Marcelo dancing in any ABT performance. Is this part of a parsimonious policy at ABT not to share their best dancers or a direct snub at Marcelo? Or something else?

ABT under McKenzie has been stuck in the Ice Age as far as videoing its artists for the public's benefit. Given the large percentage of dreck that McKenzie has brought through the ranks as his stamp on the company, he may not want any videos of the company's truly great dancers such as Gomes, Part, Abrera, Lane, etc. to be available for comparison to his dreck that he pushes. Murphy, Corella and Cornejo got into that early Swan Lake video before McKenzie realized the problems it could cause with comparison to his future dismal dancers.

Also, there is the issue of the political special favors being paid to Misty Copeland in terms of allowing unfettered videoing and in terms of casting her far beyond her skill level to help her fake her historical importance and accomplishments--and then allowing it to be videoed and edited to create an alternative reality for her benefit.

Misty in Romeo and Juliet with Roberto

Gomes is the anti-Copeland if ever there was. He came across, both in the film and the Q&A, as the most humble, self-effacing ballet superstar around. May his body hold up and he continue to dance as long as he wishes.

Totally agree, Ellen. I've still got my fingers crossed that someday, somehow, we'll have an opportunity to see him in MacMillan's Maylering.

Marcelo is in the swan lake video you mentioned above as the ballroom rothbart. Although not a leading role, we have records of the best Von R ABT has had. The bar is set high by Marcelo, and may not ever be surpassed.

So true, M&M, AND the PdT in that Swan Lake video with Cornejo, Reyes & Cornejo is still the best, too.

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