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March 16, 2017


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Thanks so much for sharing the premiere with us. I am so glad you were able to make the trip to LA despite transportation challenges!

Thanks, Jennifer. I'm glad now that I made the effort.

Thank you SO much for this detailed review. The NYTimes review is mostly details about the history of the ballet, and nothing of the dancing.

In every Whipped Cream related photo I see of Hallberg (on stage or off), he looks like he's having an absolute blast. What a wonderful, smart American comeback for him. Something like Albrecht or Onegin would have involved so much scrutiny and comparisons to his performances of his past performances. And I doubt that anyone will be able to pull off that Prince Coffee costume half as well as Hallberg, with his Puck/Lord Byron hybrid facial features and long lines.

I have a hard time believing that anyone could top this cast in both looks and technique. It's as if everything that has bothered me about Simkin makes him perfect for this role.

Haglund, thank you soooo much for your descriptive and keen review of Whipped Cream--with no disclaimers such as the reviewer at the New York Times, who often writes something like this and did so here: "...the ballet’s cornucopia of invention can only be skimmed on a first viewing...." You did so much more than "skim" this ballet, you gave it the full engagement of your heart and mind.

I'm sorry that we won't get to see the full flowering of an Abrera/Hallberg partnership in this ballet, given Ratmansky's penchant for hyperactivity. Still, I'm very eager to see it, perhaps even at the Gala, since that is the only time we will see this perfect cast in this ballet in the Spring.

What great casting! Your review really brought images of the various scenes to life in my head, I especially appreciate the way you described the steps and choreography. The only Ratmansky work I've seen is Concerto DSCH and I wasn't sure about this ballet's premise but I may give it a try when it hits the Met!

The NYT review was, as usual, a history lesson with almost zero critique. I truly wish there was a comments section underneath so people could directly address said "Critic" and ask him why he has such trouble providing analytic critique to what he actually sees on stage that night. Makes me wonder if he actually attends any of the performances himself or just uses long exposition on random events from the 1800s that could have inspired the choreographers, etc etc. So tedious and tiresome.

In light of the video on Sarah lane's instagram, it's fortuitous that Misty bowed out as Princess Praline! I think she's extremely unsuited for Ratmansky which involves a lot of pointework and blistering tempo.

Thanks, Haglund, for this great, detailed review, and for the curtain-call photo of the Whipped Cream "wilis" and fantastic animals behind them. They look weird and wonderful and after seeing them and reading your review, for the first time in months I find myself in a very upbeat, hopeful mood. I'm looking forward to seeing the ballet in New York this spring - maybe even more than once.

Haglund, I can't believe you ate the whole thing!

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Angelica, yes, I ate the whole thing - two nights in a row. Bring kids - big and small – to this.

LLF, you definitely want to see this show and bring every kid that you know to it.

Keely, you're absolutely right. The celebrina would not have had a prayer in the world of accomplishing anything close to what Sarah Lane and Cassandra Trenary accomplished in this role. It's good that someone had the good sense to pull her out of the production.

Noelle, if you liked DSCH, you will adore this. Bring kids.

Zoot, I agree with you about the good sense of Hallberg to return to ABT in a role like Prince Coffee. He did not have to carry the evening, nor did any particular principal. Star moments were quite evenly distributed. Bring kids to this.

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