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March 20, 2017


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It was awesome! Sarah and Skylar should be promoted to principal dancer - stat! This was a huge success for
everyone concerned. PS: I love your cat and the ts :)!

Erica, did you see Skylar's debut?! Please tell us more!

She was absolutely stellar, and her fouettes were spot on and unfailingly sur place. Both Sarah and Skylar were excellent :).
Skylar (like Sarah), perfectly inhabited their character. IMO the company as a whole never danced or looked more invested in a while. They all enjoyed being apart of this new Ratmansky work.

Thanks, Erica. From everyone's accounts, it certainly sounds like Skylar has earned the opportunity to dance the role at The Met. She replaced Misty because Misty couldn't do the steps. The whole time that Misty was claiming that she was injured and couldn't dance in the new ballet, she was rehearsing at Segerstrom for her Giselle in Oman. She wasn't injured any more than she was injured when she pulled out of SL in DC after being humiliated by a soloist's brilliant performance. There simply is no excuse for the continued coddling of Misty and her inferior dancing.

I do hope that Skylar gets her chance at the Met and replaces Misty in all of Whipped Cream performances.

Skylar was my favorite in the role of the three casts because there was no smudged dancing (e.g. the sissonnes in the solo which she had the speed to do with stretched feet), she resisted going over the top facially, and seemed like a real person, registering abundant joy. She lived her joy on the stage. Her performance was a triumph and she danced like a star. I did not know she was so musical until her I saw her in this role. This is not all to suggest that Sarah Lane and Cassandra Trenary were not excellent. This is only my personal preference. I am thrilled for Skylar.

Need to add, Haglund, a thank you for the photograph of your stunning cat.

J, it's so good to hear that Skylar triumphed in Whipped Cream. No one doubted that she would. Here's hoping that the best dancers dance that role during the Met season.

We're getting there...slowly...but Skylar has replaced Misty in her first performance (the May 24th matinee)!

That's fabulous! We can assume that Misty must have decided that it wasn't the type of starring role that she's looking for these days -- you know, all those hard steps that somebody won't let you dumb down and even if you do try to do them, in the end, they won't get you all of the publicity.

I just wish that there was more respect for Petipa at ABT and a mantra that if you can't do the steps, you don't get to put on the costume. The excuses being made for Misty's ineptness border on the ridiculous.

Anyone can get rid of free and discounted tickets the way her handlers do by hawking them through hotel packages and tour vendors. That's not building an audience and not a reason to award Misty performances and extra performances in roles for which she is not qualified to dance. It is pure and simply Misty and ABT engaging in "Pay to Play" like ordinary corrupt politicians do.

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