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March 09, 2017


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Thank you for mentioning Toni Lander.I not only saw the Etudes you mention but as a child ...her La Sylphilde... mesmerized me...you are a scholar of Ballet..so rare..Thank You.,J*

Thanks Jennifer. Try to catch a performance of Devon Teuscher in Swan Lake this coming spring. She may remind you of Toni Lander.

I'm glad Brandt is getting a big opportunity.

In regards to the other, it is probably her hyper-extension (that she keeps exacerbating for photos) that is causing her pain. I suspect it hampers her already shaky technique. But since she has a very big name on the Board as her patron, she will continue to limp around the stage and also commandeer the company's marketing.

I wonder how Celebrina will do in Don Quixote which is a pretty technical role. Is she going to punt on the fouettés in that too?

Most likely - and the hops on pointe as well. What a joke...

At this point I actually feel kind of bad for Misty. She's a lovely dancer in many roles, but her publicist/the board/McKenzie have basically opened a very large candy drawer and she's going to eat it all that candy, and I fear that in the end, it will harm her. She could have a great career and develop beautifully as an artist if she focused a few signature roles and nabbed a partner with whom she has great chemistry, but she keeps focusing on checking roles off her list. Prima ballerina role maximalism only suits a few, and they know how to pace themselves. Perhaps she will dial it back after the season, because her upcoming schedule looks crazy.

Skylar (aka a Mark Ryden drawing come to life) is such a breath of fresh air. Her La Bayadere Shade solo was just as exciting to me as Gillian's long-ago Odalisque.

ITA, Zoot.

Injured or not, would like to see Copeland drop out of Whipped Cream entirely so that Brandt could be assigned to replace her in the New York performances as well. It would be a positive move for both dancers, and for the new ballet too. Brandt gets the exposure, Copeland gets extra rehearsal time for her "star" roles, and the ballet gets a chance at a more favorable reception with a superior performer.

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