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April 17, 2017


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"...recently mentioned in an interview that he would like to take a year off to recoup and refresh..." -- and he also said, in another recent interview ( https://www.dance.com/julio-bocca-tribute-2356138382.html ), "I always say ABT is my home. It is where I learned so many things. The audience was always kind and grateful. I miss New York. I hope I can come and work here more."

Wonderful, CMM, thanks.

What an inspiring entry. I only saw Julio Bocca once in his last season in an evening of all Stravinsky. He was amazing! I then read an interview he did and his honesty about the kind of dedication it took to be at that level gave touching insight into the sacrifice focus it took to be at that level. I have such respect for him and admiration.

I saw Bocca dance once, it was in Romeo and Juliet and he partnered Alessandra Ferri.

I received the tickets for my birthday and sat near the front row/middle aisle. It was fantastic. I wish I could have appreciated it more at the time.

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