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May 31, 2017


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Oh what an appropriate review. I've been seeing Giselle almost yearly at the Met for over 12 years, and yesterday's performance with Stella and Marcelo was the first time I had to fight back tears during both acts. I only managed out of a desire to not miss any steps. Stella's characterization of Giselle was a revelation to me. She and Marcelo had such playful energy, just wonderful chemistry. I loved the moment in Act I where Giselle coquettishly sat down and spread her skirt over the seat so Albrecht had nowhere to sit, so flirty. I have seen Stella dance Myrta before, and I think that her Wili-Giselle in Act II had a particular kind of quiet terrible power. It was clear with this Wili-Giselle that vengeance was a possibility and forgiveness was a choice. What a complex characterization by Stella, it resonated with me all the way up in the Balcony. And how special to see Marcelo showered with love for his 20th. May he dance for many years to come!! Thanks Haglund for the space to interact with other balletomanes :)

Hi, Haglund,

After 4 Giselles, I am officially Giselled out, but I'm popping in to say that my favorite moment out of all the performances was when Marcello cradled that sheaf of lilies and laid his head against it with that look of utter remorse and devastation on his face.

What I learned this week: thanks to a discussion on that "other blog" and 1/2 a dozen clips on YouTube, I now know a pas de poisson when I see one. Thank you, Stella, yours were lovely, really lovely.

Oh, and yes, I am now totally spoiled. It's going to be hard to return to the Dress Circle after the delight of the Parterre.

The young lady who sat next to me tonight turned out to be a reader of yours. As soon as we exchanged names she asked if I was the one who had been posting here. It truly is a small world and we had a very nice time chatting at intermission.


The 20th anniversary performance proved so much about the unique talent that is Marcelo Gomes, not only as a dancer individually, but also that he is the consummate partner. Those press lifts in Act II looked more effortless than seems possible. The gentleness and control with which he lowered Stella was incredible to behold. And the warmth of the reception following the curtain demonstrated that not only is he a beautiful dancer, but a lovely person who is so loved by his colleagues, friends, mentors, and teachers.

I thought I counted 23 entrechat six!

Thank you, Haglund for providing these great reviews that you literally cannot find elsewhere. I thought the paper of record would have least done a retrospective piece on his 20 years. But I would have been wrong.

Thanks for this, Haglund. Stella was a revelation from the minute she came out of the house and jete'd around the stage. It felt like a real privilege to watch these two beautiful, fully developed artists share the stage for such a wonderful occasion-- both artists are already so genuine; their chemistry was so true. I literally gasped at the beauty and purity of the line when Stella bourreed into that perfect arabesque at Marcelo's back. Absolutely devastating. The Act 1 hops-- these things happen, and it was clear she stepped onto it funny from beginning and then knew exactly how to fix it to make it through the rest of the way. Unfair to judge on these merits when they only get one performance a year (ugh), and I'm glad that your review is focused on the incredible, incomparable other merits of her portrayal. Marcelo-- he is a national treasure. I am thankful for artists that can not only do the steps, but make us truly feel something.

Thank you for the excellent report, Haglund! Gomes is indeed a national treasure to ABT. I am glad I had the opportunity to see him perform once, a magnificent Siegfried opposite the gorgeous Veronika Part. Sigh.

Ellen, it was a pleasure to meet you during Giselle! To feed your newfound addiction to the Center Parterre, note that some seats have just opened up in Box 29 (right in the middle!) for Devon's Swan Lake performance. I just bought one myself, so perhaps I'll see you there.

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