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May 15, 2017


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Good to know. Thanks for the heads up! It looks like I'll be attending more performances this season more than I initially thought.

I was sad when they cut the 18/29 club this year (they told me I should join the junior council for $600 to get $30 tickets, instead). They seemed to roll this out quietly.

I joined the junior council this year for ticket access and the social aspect as well, to meet other balletomane under-30s and to meet the dancers. But not all dates have been available so I'm looking forward to using this program too.

There were even Rush tickets for tonight. Apparently Misty and her handlers did not completely buy out this particular performance, and there are many tickets available in the orchestra. Odder yet, only three people have bought standing room as of now. I guess everyone pretty much already knows what they are NOT going to see on stage tonight. The hypocrisy of putting her on stage in this role TWICE is rather rich.

Is anyone going tonight, Haglund? I'd love to hear how she actually does, instead of the propaganda she and the NYT will put out regarding her performance.

Speaking of the NYT, one of the dance critics over there (not McCauley, for once) created a real hullabaloo over NYCB's "Odessa".

Unless you want to see Ratmansky, the choices are not enticing! I can see why they are doing this...last night the house was probably less than half full.

Not me, Gerry, I'm not going. I'm not inclined to pay money to see someone who arrogantly refuses to put in the effort to acquire the technique to do the job – and then has the gall to claim that her critics are racists.

That NYT stringer who was complaining about "rape" in the new ballet Odessa had better stay out of the Met Opera House when there is actual opera being performed. Rape, child murder, torture, mutilation are the stuff of great operas. Nor should our soft-skinned stringer listen to any rap music from her generation. Ditto. The NYT writers love to lecture us all about what is wrong with the world, but they sure can't seem to get any answers to basic general questions relating to facts. Journalism has been replaced by "lecturism."

Sherry, it's not the ballet, it's the casting. McKenzie keeps trying to entice people to watch the drudge by mixing it with the capable and enjoyable artists.

I had the pleasure of seeing the opening night cast of Don Q at the Met. Stellar cast. Talk about a ballerina nailing the technical demands of the role. Gilliam was extremely impressive. To pick just one example, the fouettes in the coda of the grand pas: 32 solid (of course) turns, flipping the fan overhead in fifth on every second or fourth turn, doubles with her hands at her waist, finishing with a double with her hands at her waist and a perfect landing. This after dancing full out and exceeding every technical challenge and being a charming and delightful actress as Kitri through the whole ballet. Fabulous evening.

I enjoyed it too and will incorporate comments about it into my review of tomorrow afternoon's debuts.

Looking forward to your review. You're so right about the casting. I so desperately want to see Herman Cornejo in everything he's cast in, but he's always paired with a ballerina I'm not interested in. But I would pay $30 to see the Kochetkova/Cornejo Don Q. Otherwise, I'll probably only be seeing Cornejo in Whipped Cream.

Looking forward!

The Met Opera Rush Ticket Page is looking a little crazy today. Hopefully they'll get it fixed. Right now it says to visit the page at 2pm to buy tickets for the 2pm performance and to visit the page at 4pm to buy tickets for the evening performance. For those desiring to buy, I'd recommend calling the Met 212-362-6000 to discuss the problem. Maybe they will accommodate buyers over the phone.

I'm looking forward to your report Haglund :)!

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