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May 24, 2017


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I saw the Gala performance and the ballet was wonderful. Yes, the dancers looked a bit too manic at times, but the acting and the dancing were great (even with a few hiccups).

Abrera's costume had to be the most beautiful tutu I've ever seen in a ballet. And her male partners costumes were attractive as well. I loved the scrim work for the Candy shop, a little bit Louis XVI.

Interestingly, the best choreography involved the dancers wearing huge character heads. Because they could not move fast, Ratmansky was forced to pare down his steps. It looked good. Lane and Simkin had a lot of chemistry and danced well together. I can't wait for their Giselle debuts.

Hi, melponeme_k. Wasn't that Worm Candy Man fantastic? Given the larger size of the Met Stage, I think that they could add some more characters for that finale. I understand that this big cat got cut out of the production at the last moment in Costa Mesa: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRrRId7AZth/?taken-by=markryden

We have plenty of room for him in our NYC Sanctuary City. Bring back the cat!!!!

I saw the Tuesday evening show. Mark Ryden's designs were just marvelous.

I wish I could have seen Hallberg and Abrera. I saw Cory Stearns and Hee Seo on Tuesday, and I thought they did good. Beautiful couple, but neither one is particularly expressive. I do wish the Coffee Prince's bottoms were a solid color instead of stripes. Stearns looked like a dancing optical illusion from my seat. In any case, I'm eager to see this again next month with Gomes and Abrera.

The Act II PdD with Jeffrey Cirio and Cassandra Trenary was so sweet, I wanted an immediate rewind.

Thanks, yukionna, for the report. Yes, that Prince Coffee costume is unusual. The first time I saw his four coffee guards, I thought that they were actually old fashioned rootbeer barrel candies.

I saw the first three Whipped Cream performances this week, and loved everything about them and everyone in them - except for Hee Seo, ABT's own cure for insomnia, who was such a letdown on Tuesday evening, especially after Stella Abrera's beautiful dancing on Monday. However, Devon Teuscher MORE than made up for it at today's matinee. She is everything people have been saying about her, and I believe she stole the show. Those twinkling Swarovski crystals on Tea Flower's bodice seemed to be messaging us that a real star has finally arrived. I can't wait to see her Swan Lake next month. PS, I thought that Prince Coffee was a Prince Cappuccino, in a costume silhouette reminiscent of Harlequin but made of cappuccino colors and stripes - very Italian espresso!

It may be worth the cost of a trip to NY just to see Marcelo Gomes pop out of that coffee tin! Seriously considering it, after my three helpings of WHIPPED CREAM in Costa Mesa, where Marcelo did not dance. Haglung, interesting observations about the relative depths of the two stages and how it affects the perception of the designs. In Costa Mesa, all seemed perfectly clear and intimate, even from way up high.

Jeannette, I sampled Whipped Cream from both the orchestra and loge levels in Costa Mesa and was happy with how close I felt to the stage. The Met is less ideal, unfortunately.

LLF, great to hear about Devon's debut. You will be astonished at how complete her Odette/Odile are. Sorry to hear about Hee Seo who was rather lifeless at the second performance in Costa Mesa. She seems not to have an incentive to get any better. Perhaps McKenzie will be less dependent on her now that he has pried open his eyes to see what Devon, Stella, and Christine Shevchenko can do.

Saw the evening performance last night-- wow, what an achievement! Now I'm sad we have to wait until June to see it again. I have binged almost exclusively on Balanchine the past few months, a hearty supper, and enjoyed turning off my brain for a change and enjoying this dessert.

Hi, Iris. Maybe for the June performances, they will bring back The Cat for the finale...😿


I saw yesterday's matinee performance and I loved every minute of it! It was like being inside a Dali-inspired candy-fever-dream. Really wonderful. I thought Devon was fantastic and Skylar really shone. I've enjoyed watched her dancing mature and this role seemed made for her. Even James Whiteside didn't bother me as much as normal, his brand of showmanship worked much better for me in this production than when he takes on the dramatic roles. I saw your above post about the cat, and I definitely think there would be room on the Met stage! I loved all the characters such as the candy worm man and the giant giraffe. This is a truly special production.

Thanks, Catherine. I thought that one character was a giraffe, too, but they are calling it Long Neck Piggy. If they'd have had a stuffed animal replica for sale, I would have paid whatever I needed to pay to get my hands on it.

Pig? It definitely seemed like a giraffe to me. I actually went to the Met gift shop afterwards to try and find one! I feel like they really missed out on some great merchandising opportunities. They had a lot of Misty barbie dolls for sale, however...

Thanks Haglund and everyone for your thoughts. Re Stella, she has been nominated for a 2017 Benois de la Danse award for her beautiful Aurora in Ratmansky's "Sleeping Beauty!" I'm crying happy tears and am ecstatic for her! She totally deserves this recognition! It's long overdue!

The only merch is an uninspired tshirt (which I still bought) and a great set of stickers. I agree-- where are the stuffed animal creations? I would desperately love to have the yak or the giraffe/pig! Or how about a bobblehead of the Chef? A tea set inspired by princess tea flower? Beautiful branded candies?

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