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May 21, 2017


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So excited to see the casting for Jewels - I have tickets for Saturday night and am thrilled that Megan, Joaquin, and Tess are headlining Rubies. I do wish we could've been treated to Maria in Diamonds - I've only seen it performed by Sara and Wendy/Philip Neal back in the day (when Maria was partnered with Charles Askegard, so really way back when). Do you know if each company will use their own costumes? Can't wait!!!

Hi, NS. I don't know the answer to your question for certain, but I assume they will all be wearing their own costumes. They will be using the NYCB sets and the NYCB Orchestra with Andrew Litton conducting. I recall Martins speaking about how he explained to Litton that it was absolutely important to be accommodating to the POB's and Bolshoi's wishes.

This certainly is going to be an interesting set of performances. I'm not expecting to enjoy it as much as when I see any one of the companies do the whole ballet, but it sure will be interesting.

I kind of wish each company for Jewels got to show three different casts for each movement.

Totally agree with you Sara, although I can never watch enough of Dorothée Gilbert and Hugo Marchand.

I'm so happy Tess is headlining Rubies! Tragically I'm out of town for all the performances but I can't wait for your review Haglund. Excited to see her this week as Titania.

I hope Cornejo will be back soon. He's one of my favorites. If he's out for the rest of the season, I really hope he'll be back in the Fall, and not excluded from the principals list like last year.

Hi, yukionna.

Herman has reported on his FB page that he incurred a calf injury but expects to return soon. That's good news. Let's hope that he doesn't come back too soon and ultimately blows out that calf completely.

I am coming form Canada to attend the Saturday evening performance of Jewels, and I am beside myself with excitement. This is a dream cast for an absolute masterpiece. My first performance at the ballet was when my father drove through a blizzard to take me to see NYCB when Baryshnikov was recently defected and the company was full of Balanchine's legendary dancers. This may be my next most favourite performance!

Hi, Mahadywilton! Great to hear that you're coming down for Jewels. I'm especially looking forward to that Saturday evening performance, too.

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