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May 30, 2017


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I'm kvelling! I wish I could travel back down to see her again!! But how wonderful for this opportunity to dance with HC!

It also looks like Christine will be replacing Gillian tonight for Myrta, according to Christine's Instagram.

Thanks, Julie. I'll add that to the post.


Thrilled for Sarah and also for Christine who was a gorgeous Myrtha. I had a feeling Kochetkova wouldn't show up. She's about as useful a guest artist as Semionova was.


Since I seemed to be on another planet Saturday and didn't see what everyone else did in the Lane-Simkin performance, I did the only sensible thing and snatched up a Center Parterre ticket for tomorrow night. If I can't get it from that location I never will. Besides, I love Cornejo and haven't bought a single ticket to see him in anything; I've now atoned for that oversight.

Thanks again for being the most informative ballet blog around.


Oh, I'm so happy that Lane's breakthrough has not been ignored. How I wish I could see her again with Cornejo. She deserves all this good notice and more.

Please write about this performance for all of us who can't attend!

Wow, Ellen! I always love finding another balletomane with "low resistance". Someone is going to have to come up with a potent ballet vaccine before we will be kept away from our Giselles.

Yes!!!! Dream team for sure.

I startled my coworker next me with my fist pump.

Giselle is, and always has been, my favorite ballet. I find Albrecht endlessly fascinating; you never know which Albrecht is going to show up: callous cad, lovesick young puppy who can't stop the train wreck, or someone in between the extremes. Siegfried always seems the same, a prince who doesn't want to get married; Conrad is, well, Conrad, Solor is Solor and so on through the rep. Albrecht though has such wide range for interpretation. I draw the line, however, at certain ballerinas who just don't appeal to me; they shall be nameless.


Also, please let this lead to a Swan Lake with Sarah.


Do you know when the rush tickets go "live" on the Met's website? Is it 10 a.m. for matinees and noon for evening performances? I'm very tempted to see Lane in her second Giselle.

FOF-- Click on the link above for all Rush Rules and info.

My missing out on Saturday's doubleheader is to be avenged! I'm so excited to see Sara dance and with Herman to boot.

Will having had seen Gillian/David, Stella/Marcelo, and Sara/Herman, I'll momentarily forget that ABT doesn't always put the best out there ;)

Maybe I will fly to New York for this second chance at seeing Sarah! Off to check kayak now.

Annie H., you should climb into your Star Trek Transporter, energize, and beam yourself east within the hour.

I also would like to take the Star Trek vehicle back to NY to see Lane & Cornejo, but alas will have to wait for your review, Haglund!

I'll be beaming myself to NYC tomorrow, to catch Sarah's 2nd Giselle. Thank you, IBM, to accepting last-minute request for annual leave! I still can't believe that I'll be doing this...all because of Sarah's extraordinary reviews in her debut.


It will be worth it. She is divine in this role.

I knew I should have just planned on being in NY for all Giselle performances. At LGA for my flight home (well, back to where I currently reside) and I think my heart might break. At least Haglund's review will be a comfort!

I just bought a ticket thanks to you, Haglund! I can't believe I almost missed this. If you ever hear of that ballet vaccine, please let me know. I can't believe what an exciting ABT season this has become.

All that I can say after witnessing Sarah Lane's 2nd ABT Giselle, with Cornejo: I came, I saw, She (Sarah) conquered! So happy to have made quick travel plans to get my arse to NY from DC in a cramped bus & shell-out the cost of one night in a hotel next to Lincoln Center, to witness the miracle of Sarah's Giselle. It was most definitely worth it.

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