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May 11, 2017


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Awesome opinion piece. Thanks for bringing this out into the open. No one connects the dots in the dance world quite like you, Haglund.

Although I am more of an opera than ballet fan, I do appreciate dance and have learned much from your invaluable Web site. Even I wasn't taken in by the piece in the NYT; the stench of BS emanated from every word. Thank you for calling out this disgraceful advertisement.

Thanks Nicole and Eulalia. The truth is not so hard to find if one looks beyond the NYT.

Forgetting Misty's and the NYT's shameless BS and whether in fact she's more of an actress than anyone else, have there been examples of dancers whose character realization was so moving and vivid that one would overlook their less than first-rate technical abilities?

I like Misty's dancing, always have. I at first thought that she was being good for ballet with all her publicity. Then she was promoted to principal, I thought before she was ready, but again good for promoting the art.

I've since changed my mind. I now think she is far too opportunist and with all her other projects going on, will not ever put in the focus to develop her technique to justify her position or acclaim. I read this NYT "puff piece" and was thoroughly dismayed - and that was before learning the author had her own personal reasons to push Misty. Feh.

I could barely read that article, so badly was I rolling my eyes and I couldn't wait to see your take on it. But it was quite revealing in that Misty all but admitted she can't DANCE these steps anymore so she has to amp up her acting to distract the audience. Maybe the public isn't as slow on the uptake as we think. Judging by that article, she's getting scared her audience is fading away. She definitely should be scared.

Thanks for all the comments, David, elfantgirl, and pennsylvania.

David, the answer to your question is no, not in this town. If a dancer can't do the steps, she's got no business launching an effort to get new roles from a platform of dishonesty. Less than 1st rate (New York level) technique is not excused unless a dancer is winding down a career during which she previously performed the skills at the expected level. Our disappointments with Misty have been exacerbated by her continual media effort to claim that she is something better than everyone else.

And here I thought that obnoxious story was simply more self-generated publicity from Team Copeland, meant to obscure the fact that Cassandra Trenary - the best natural actress in the company - is about to wipe away any thoughts of Copeland in the upcoming Whipped Cream, or any other ballet for that matter. Of course, where Copeland is concerned, it's more about money than anything else. With all that cynical Goldman Sachs funding behind her, she really is the ballet dancer the American public of today deserves: an empty vessel, overpriced & of little value.

I'm disappointed with Kourlas. What a sell-out.

I didn't know she was 34. No huge fan, but I really hope she comes out of her insanely demanding season without injury.

I guess all we have to do is stay zen until this underwhelming micro generation of principals (Boylston, Seo, Kotchetkova, Copeland), passes the spotlight over to all the amazing soloists.

Is anyone going to Don Q next week? What an absolutely underwhelming week to open the season (love Gillian but I'm seeing her in so many other things, and she never screamed 'kitri' to me anyway). Pity I have to miss Schevchenko's debut due to work. I might have called in sick for Brandt.

I'm ITA with you Haglund. The bottom line is this: If she can not master "The Step," she need not be given "Swan Lake," nor should she be given Kitri -> etc. She is a fake Principal.

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