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June 06, 2017


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After hearing the roaring buzz on FB and insta, I came tearing over here hoping that you had seen this performance and am so glad that you did. I wish I had. I've known Skylar since she was a wee 10-yr-old and am so thrilled for her success!

Note to the conductor. There's a comet streaking through the stars and he needs to keep up!

Haglund, I sincerely echo everything you've said! Skylar was absolutely sparkling. She and Herman made a wonderful couple and I so enjoyed their bedroom pas de deux. I'd love one day to see Sarah's Medora. She was also lovely and I agree, she and Daniil looked good together. I'd guess that their joint Giselle debuts helped with their partnering. I also enjoyed Jeffrey Cirio's Ali, although Daniil remains my favorite.

I'd initially bought the ticket for Herman's Conrad and what I thought was Daniil's Ali. I guess I misinterpreted the cast listing on ABT's calendar. Oh well. Now I'm so glad that I was able to see Skylar's debut. At stage door, Skylar said that she had been asked to learn the role on Friday, leaving her with only a few days. Wow. And she was so down to earth and genuinely appreciative of all the compliments lavished upon her. (Unlike a certain celebrina who has her PR announce her arrival and refusal to stop for the people who've waited at stage door.)

And Haglund, did you see the news that Christine Shevchenko has been tapped for THREE Medora this week? I so enjoyed her in Don Q a few weeks ago. Now I have to het a ticket to see her Medora. You're right Haglund, ABT is experiencing a much needed, refreshing climate change. I wish Gillian a speedy recovery and hope she's well enough for Swan
Lake next week with Marcelo. It's probably wistful thinking to hope for Sarah's Swan Lake with Daniil. Now that would be a performance not to be missed!

It was a night of some blazingly brilliant performances. Why does it take disaster after disaster for ABT to get these superlative soloists onstage in leading roles? This is turning into the best ABT spring season in about a decade.

Skylar Brandt proved herself a future star. I hope ABT follows through with all the momentum their Soloists are generating this season.

All the little flubs in the female lead solos, I lay at the feet of the conductor. I couldn't figure out if he was purposefully upstaging them or that he was inept. He played too slowly especially when it was obvious Lane and Brandt were dancing at the actual tempo of the music (as written). Lane slowed down (she shouldn't have) but Brandt fought him and won.

I was impressed with all the male leads on Monday as well. Lately I've been interested in seeing Salstein in a lead role not just a lead character role. It would be interesting to see if his charisma would translate.

It will be extremely bittersweet for is if there is an answer to our prayers and Sarah is cast as O/O next week. Sweet because I know she'll be perfection, bitter because I won't be able to get down to New York to see it!

I cannot wait to see Skylar Brandt Thursday evening! She is a star in the making! It so refreshing to see so many young, talented, homegrown dancers being nurtured. I will spend my last dime to support this trend! What an incredible Met season it has been.
p.s. Sarah Lane was exquisite in Giselle with Daniil and Herman! Hoping to see much more of her!

I saw Hee Seo yesterday night and it bored me to TEARS. Normally I would avoid her, but I had planned on seeing Veronika and didn't realize the cast had changed to Hee until I saw the note in the Playbill.

I saw very little to like about this ballet (aside from Devon and Gabe). Funny you mention that true balletomanes aren't ashamed of loving this ballet! ;)

So... there's supposed to be a comedy element to Le Corsaire? That was nowhere to be seen yesterday, unless you count the pasha. His antics got old fast (or maybe my patience was just tried by Hee's blandness).

Maybe I'll give this a try next time. And verify the cast the morning of. Until then, this is definitely in my top 5 dull ballets.

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