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June 23, 2017


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FYI: It hasn't been ten years since Bolle and Ferri had danced together. Not two weeks earlier they appeared in Marguerite and Armand at the Royal Ballet and were sensational.

The Lane/Simkin partnership reminds me so much of Kirkland/Baryshnikov, both in physicality and in artistry. It is an absolute joy to watch and something that ABT should be capitalizing on big time. Fortunately, the casting directors seem to have gotten the memo. Sarah and Daniil were pure magic out there last night.

While Ferri was always one of my favorites...it's important for a dancer to know when she/he is past their prime.

Hi, John. I was aware that Bolle had just danced in Marguerite and Armand opposite Zenaida Yanowsky while Ferri danced with Frederico Bonelli. However, I wasn't aware that they had danced in it together. Wow, what a show you must have seen!

Odd how Roberto seems to confirm the 10 year mark: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVi7GPyg0MI/?taken-by=robertobolle

I agree it can be a little hard to watch Ferri struggle. That said, if my choice is 50-something Ferri vs. Boylston, Seo or Copeland struggling with technical aspects, I'm more likely to shell out my hard-earned money for Ferri. Hopefully we won't have to wait long for the gifted soloists to fill out the principal ABT roster properly.

ITA. I was thinking how fabulous Shevchenko would be as Tatiana. Hopefully, she'll get a chance to start developing that role before she's 39 years old. (edited to add: For Pete's sake.)

Haglund, I was just thinking now that Vishneva is retired, it would be so lovely to see Shevchenko/Gomes Tatiana/Onegin. Hopefully the gods of ballet will make it happen.
Simkin/Lane are really a magical partnership. They manage to bring out the best in each other. Second pennsylvania that ABT needs to capitalise on partnerships, instead of randomly assigning principals just because one is a crowd draw.
I don't care how technically past her prime Ferri is, as long as she is not attempting Giselle or Odette/Odile, I will happily pay to watch her. Her artistry is amazing.

Hi, HH. I was at the evening performance and had my magnifying glass on Daniil since I saw the earlier performance too. I say magnifying glass because his technique is so formidable that I want him to grow artistically and put his whole artistry in proportion, so I "watch" him very closely. I think he is maturing and I am happy to have seen him tone down his preparations for his gazillion (flawless) pirouettes at his second performance. At his first, he broke the spell of his duel scene solo by preparations that would have been exciting in Corsair or Don Q. He toned them down and they were much more unobtrusive in a role that must transcend steps and virtuosity.

That said, I think he and Sarah are a beautiful couple, so perfectly matched in size and temperament; they were a pleasure to behold as lovers. If he can find a joy that registers in his face, they way Sarah glows. Daniil has a Russian, sardonic sense of humor but sometimes you just want simple, uncomplicated joy.

As my friend whispered to me about Ferri, "She can't wait to get off point." I was never a fan, but all in all, her artistry was there in full, which in my opinion, that's basically what was her strong point earlier in her career.

Bolle? Well, the name alone should be enough for ballet fans to conjure shock and awe at someone who is beyond just a dancer. As my Italian student said at his solo bow, "Wow." Wow indeed.

By the way, the entrance of the boys in Act I is, in my opinion, spectacular. To a man, they exude spunk, a spirit of joy in their movements, and an innocent sweetness at their reactions to the girls dance.

Are we lucky or what to have these performances in one week? I look forward to seeing David Halberg Saturday, a dancer who, as a theater director, haunts me. His Prince in Ashton's Cinderella will always be etched in my mind for his illusiveness and other-worldly quality. I know some don't see it, but there is in him a quality of the magnificent Henning Kronstam, not as obvious, but still similar.

I must defend Tatiana! how can she fall into the arms of the guy who publicly exposes her sister to be a terminal flirt and then kills her fiancee??? It is not duty to a dull and kind husband that makes it impossible to succumb to Onegin - Hers is a tragic love...
She is of similar cloth as virtuous Princesse de Cleves or equally virtuous Mme Tournel in Liaison Dangerouses...

How about Devon as Tatiana with Marcelo, of course.

Devon and Christine Shevchenko would be fabulous Tatianas.

We are just back from the Saturday matinee of Onegin whose cast we saw Wednesday afternoon. The conviction that Cranko's is a work of genius can only be held to more tightly, if possible, than before. Gorak seemed a wee bit less legato in his solo before the duel than Wednesday, but still danced it gloriously and movingly. If anything, the final scene was more (seemingly) reckless and abandoned--as if made up in the moment with the fluency of urgent truth that cannot be silenced or denied. Bravi, Stearns and Abrera. Bravo, Cranko and bravi to all the rest. The home team knocked it out of the park.

I have to agree, Eulalia. I've never seen this degree of abandon in Stella's dancing. Nor have I seen this degree of emotional involvement in Stearns' dancing. Their performance on Wednesday afternoon was fabulous, and today's was several levels above that. Real growth in the home team this week. Again.

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