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June 15, 2017


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I just saw that they are selling Standing Room seats in the Family Circle. Talk about separating the haves and the have-nots! I hope the ushers take pity on these people and let them sit down, and don't lose their jobs over it.

I was shocked at Wednesday afternoon's performance when I saw that only part of the middle section of family circle was sold, and that there were significant corner pockets in the balcony and dress circle that were unsold. The online misrepresentation on the website had been that they were sold out. Ditto with the side boxes although I know of one person who was able to get a DC box seat by walking up to the window. So, available online and at the window are different these days????

A Customer Care person at the Met just told me that those sections are completely sold out for tonight. So it would appear that the online and in-person availability is different. And into which category do telephone sales fall? I didn't think to ask that of the rep. Whose cockamamie idea was that?

I don't think as of yesterday, family circle and balcony were even listed online for Sarah's performance tonight. Now Balcony is sold out and Family Circle is very full!! I wasn't sure if those sections just weren't even open at all? Or if they just were trying to avoid online customers buying cheaper seats until the last day?

Thanks for the review, Haglund. Exciting news about Teuscher's debut. It's sad to hear about Hammoudi.
You're the first person I've heard mention Ogawa, yet I notice her whenever she is onstage for her beautiful lines and clarity of movement.

Glad to hear about Marshall W. as you know he was on my one to watch list before I moved north. Generally what's going on at ABT with the men (other than Marcelo, David and Herman of course). There was such a deep bench a few years ago and now it seems they're floundering without proverbial team captains (like sascha).. Is it lack of adequate coaching? Lack of a weight room? What's going on?

The (corpsmen) bench has a few good players but my sense when watching them is that they are terrified of making a mistake. The result is small dancing that is timid, sometimes even apologetic. None of them seems to know how to go for broke, fix whatever has gone wrong in midair, and then sell the finish.

Teuscher continues #1, after lovely Sarah ran into troubles in fouetté land. Hopefully BOTH will make Principal sooner than later.

Loved your commentary, Haglund. And love the photograph of your beautiful cat. Many thanks!

Thank you for this wonderful review of Devon! What an exciting time for her! I do hope KM will find her the right partner. There are a few potential suitors coming through the pipeline, but they will need to be given opportunity, and not left in the corps too long. Marshall W is a good example. I have no doubt we'll be seeing more of him in the near future, as well as the young man from First Position, Aran Bell, who recently joined the corps. They are both quite tall, with beautiful lines, strong technique and partnering skills. Calvin R has the potential, but needs a great deal of strengthening in order to progress.
I am heartbroken that I missed Sarah's performance last night! Awaiting your review, Haglund!

Devon was wonderful. Her Odette came across as someone who had suffered, accepted her fate, but retained her pride and nobility. I was moved when she came to trust Siegfried and finally let joy overcome her.

I thought her Odile made less of an impression than her Odette - but then, that was a hard act to follow. She was always technically strong, though, which I find myself not often being able to say. I loved her last diagonal as Odile - she was so FAST! She looked truly ruthless and reveling in her triumph.

Poor Alex Hammoudi. It was just not his day. This was my first time seeing him but I've heard good things from others, so I will reserve judgment for now. He did partner Devon well, and I loved his leap off the cliff.

Devon needs to be given more than just one matinee performance!

(Also, is it just me, or are there a few heavier swans in the corps? I don't like to be mean, but it is a bit distracting.)

Call me a bad mom, but I have never taken my daughters to the ballet. I consider it my time to escape, and I don't want to be distracted by them (and I don't want them distracting anyone else!) But as a native Vermonter, I felt compelled to take the little ladies to the met to see a ballerina with some Vermont training on her resume. Armed with opera glasses and a purse full of candy, we made the journey into manhattan from queens....and we witnessed a QUEEN! She was gorgeous, and beyond the technical feats and superb characterizations, she was MUSICAL. I loved her phrasing and her push/pull with the orchestra. And she held the attention of my kids!! No great impression was made on me by Siegfried, and after watching Simkin's incredible Siegfried last night, I am left wondering what heights that matinee performance could have reached. She owned that stage from start to finish.

I saw Sarah Lane last night and her performance was first rate. I saw most of the great ballerinas in my 60-years of attending the ballet in NY and abroad and she is in the ballpark. She needs to do more performances; she was lovely last night but I imagine there was too much stress on her one performance to prove herself. She did it for me. The last few botched fouettes were unfortunate; she should have done singles, but pressure probably forced her to include doubles. She still excelled over all in my opinion.

Daniil continues to mature and was superb (they're a great team!) His leap was spectacular. Each season it gets more exciting; if fear for him in seasons to come!

The pas de trois in the first act was also wonderful, but I want more oomph from Joseph Gorak, who has the potential to be world-class. What treasures Skyler Brandt and Cassandra Trenary are. Come on, Joey, your gorgeous smile, and great technique (what feet!) need more, well, oomph.

Alban Lendorf, in my opinion, will be the next Marcelo, his northern cool is certainly a contrast to Marcelo's Latin warmth, but he is a treasure. He danced Rothbart in the third act and came through in the most difficult role in ABT rep. Why difficult? Because no one has ever come close to Marcelo's star-turn; Alban came very close and the audience let him know it. Lendorf is cool but watch him closely, he is very deep, with a phenomenal technique. We are very fortunate to have him.

All in all, it was a terrific evening. Now, can we get Ratmansky's recreation of the original 1895 version, please? This version is not very good, it's not worthy of a world-class company (sorry, Kevin).

According to the schedule, Forster has been granted one single last-minute opportunity to perform as the purple von Rothbart this season (replacing Lendorf this evening). Unfortunately, he won't get to be appreciated by anyone knowledgeable since they won't be attending due to the O/O casting....

Katherine Williams had similar shoulder/arm problems when she filled in as an Odelisque in Corsaire. She has pretty legs and feet but doesn't seem strong or ready enough for featured roles.

ITA, Jessica. Katherine Williams is loaded with potential, both technically and theatrically. It's hard to believe that ABT hasn't concentrated on fixing her shoulders and arms.

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