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June 13, 2017


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Oh my gosh!!!! I'm over the moon for her! I know you'll remember your poor friends who can't travel to the city and give us a thorough recap! I am heartbroken to miss it.

I got my ticket the minute I saw the change on the calendar.

I'm so happy for her.

I am so happy for beautiful Sarah Lane - finally getting to dance Giselle and now Swan Lake with ABT. I can't wait to read your review, Haglund!

Thrilled for Sarah, and for us! Got my ticket, too.

How wonderful for Sarah! What a season :)

Once again, the HH UIEX comes through. Knock 'em dead, Sarah.

I am so darn excited, I'm crying at desk at work. I cannot wait until Thursday night. I am going to get no sleep (since I live in Philly) and have to work Friday but I don't care!

Wonderful news! I am so excited for Sarah, and for the audience. I'm hopeful that she'll be named a Principal in August. She is so deserving---and patient!

I, too, bought a ticket the moment I heard. The house is very well sold, thanks to us (haha), except for the sides of the Orchestra, which are probably the last to go in any event. Be prepared to whoop and holler--I'm surely going to do that! I'm so happy for Sarah and also for her devotees who have been loyal, faithful, and true.

What a great day for us, fans of this lovely, lovely dancer. I'll be there cheering. Daniil is the icing on the cake. "Merde" for this fabulous duo.

Got a ticket too! So excited for this.

Presented without comment HH-ers.


My thanks to the UIEX whose info. last week immediately drove me to purchase a ticket for Thursday night's show. Gratefully, my faith both in the info. and in Sarah Lane has been rewarded. Happiness like this cannot be measured. Let's go, Thursday!

Would a curtain call chant "principal, principal..." (as fans chant "MVP, MVP..." in baseball) be acceptable in this setting?

No, it would probably make trouble for her. However.... chanting MVP MVP MVP might be nice.

Have you seen the beautiful dancing in videos Sarah has posted (especially Aurora!) on her YouTube channel?

Thanks, Julia. I either hadn't known about this YouTube page or had forgotten about it. There is some beautiful footage there.

Wow that McCauley review contained actual performance critique. I'm shocked and pleased.

Slightly off topic, but I attended SL tonight to see Misty. After hearing ad nauseum about her O/O for a while now, I decided to check it out and make my own decision about its merits. It was exactly as you'd expect; a totally lackluster Odette with a much more compelling Odile. Regarding the fouettes, it was also as expected; she pulled out about 15-20 slow singles while traveling wildly downstage right, bailed when she got too close to the edge (about 60% of the way through the music), and tossed in a jete towards center to finish. I won't seek out her performances again, but the packed house roared for her; never heard anything like it even at farewells.

Here's hoping that Sarah knocks it out of the park! I bet she will. I'm hearing that last night's Odile only managed 19 fouettes. I'm sure Sarah will do better technically and to my preferences, artistically as well.

Another Megabus trip to NY, just for Sarah Lane! Can't wait. MVP MVP MVP!!!

The UIEX is NOT fake news :) Thank you Haglund for always being a step ahead of that casting calendar. So sad I won't be able to be there, but I know your dear readers will fill all of us poor schmucks in post-performance. In my eyes, Lane-Simkin is a partnership that could reach the stars. They are divine together.

I love the MVP chanting idea. Just great. Not sure I can make it, but can't wait for the review, which I know you will deliver for us, Haglund!

I'm so happy for Sarah! This opportunity is long, long, long overdue! She will, no doubt deliver a stellar O/O!

I'm gutted that I can't make SL on Thursday... dear HH readers who do go, please please comment and tell us all about it! Am becoming a bigger Sarah Lane fan every time I see her dance, thanks to this blog for keying me in.

Went to see Marcelo last night-- magnificent! He is a joy to watch in every role and elevates everyone around him to their best. Hee Seo had truly lovely Acts 2+4, but struggled badly as Odile.

I just tried to get a $30 rush ticket for this performance... they sold out in SECONDS. Amazing. I ended up getting a full-price one for the back of the orchestra. I AM SO EXCITED! Looks like tickets are selling very quickly! Go Sarah!

Either that, AMJ, or the Met reduced the number of Rush Tickets available to drive customers to the full priced seats. Do. Not. Trust. These. People.

Agreed Iris-Marcelo was amazing last night! It was my first time seeing him perform swan lake and mam, have I been missing out. I'd never thought of swan lake as having the emotional depth of ballets like time I and Juliet or Giselle. But last night Marcelo had me on the edge of my seat and nearly in tears. I enjoyed Hee Seo' s performance but was disappointed to miss Gillian.

I cannot wait to see Sarah tonight! I was on the line for the box office at 9:30 am and managed to scoop up a student orchestra seat.

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