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June 09, 2017


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Haglund - why is AM using his IG rather than the NYTimes to write reviews these days? He's waxed poetic about Skylar in Bayadere, and two different SAB Workshop Performances in the past week, but still nothing in the paper.

Good question. He's more and more like Trump and his Twitter feed. Penning just a few hyperbolic phrases that one can send to thousands with a simple click is so much easier than toiling over an entire review. And he doesn't have to submit his Twitter and I-G prose through editors - not that they ever helped much anyway.

He gives me the creeps. I find his interactions with the dancers on social media to be unprofessional. In a recent post, he basically drooled all over Stearns' tights. It's beyond inappropriate.

Haglund, do you recommend one or another of the three Vicky's?

Yes, I recommend that we all get out there to see what Sara Mearns does with this opportunity. That's not to say that the other two Vickys won't be wonderful -- I don't know. I probably wouldn't bother to go see it if Sara wasn't in it or if another risk-eating ballerina whom I admire wasn't cast.

Thanks!!! Those were my thoughts as well.

I'm going to Sara's first night - 10/27. The tickets are going fast, everyone.

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