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June 07, 2017


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Eeeeek! I'm waiting on pins and needles.


Please, Please, Please! I need that performance in my life!

Haglund, you're killing me . . .

Just bought wed matinee tix, but I will double down....


Grrrrrr I have a wedding next weekend so I can't make it into the city! Haglund, we will expect a full recap and report so we can live vicariously through you.

Will do, Red, but we have to see her on the schedule first. LOL. Hopefully that will happen today or tomorrow. ABT may have to make some sweeping adjustments to the Swan Lake week casting due to unfortunate injuries; so we'll just have to wait for the expected good news.

Say it ain't so! I actually really want to see Gillian's Odette/Odile again (I'm a sucker, I go most years), but my fingers are crossed that if she has to be replaced, it's a superstar soloist!

Rachel, maybe Gillian will be okay for the Wednesday night performance. It's quite possible that since she didn't have to risk further aggravating her injury during Le Corsaire, she may well be able to dance Wednesday night. Don't lose hope yet.

I need to know!

Haglund, my beloved, don't go breaking my heart. I'll cry if it's true, I'll cry if it isn't.
Man this MET season has proven to be a great one, but also a very stressful one. I just want justice for our littlest (non-fake principal) swan. Regardless of what happens next week, it will be a very tense next few weeks.

The latest update shows Hee Seo in place of Murphy on Wednesday evening. No other changes yet that I noticed.


Hee has replaced Gillian for the Wednesday eve performance.

Thanks for the update, Ellen and AMJ. My feeling is that Shevchenko could do a better job Wednesday night with no rehearsal at all.

ABT needs to be more transparent about the other Swan Lake date(s). They know who is NOT dancing next week right now. In the interest of honesty, they should make such performances TBAs even if they don't want to commit to the replacements.

Their only reason for holding back information is to discourage people from exchanging or even trying to get their money back (which is useless).

Haglund.... NO!!!

The only cast I really want to see now is Wednesday afternoon, which I cannot attend. I hope they announce new casting soon, so I can call the box office and exchange ASAP.

Ugh as to Gillian's replacement. According to Isabella Boylston's instagram, "I'm getting better every day and still planning to do Swan Lake on Monday"

Catherine, Ugh X 2.

I have a feeling Isabella will be out. Just my gut. So then it becomes who could replace her with Lendorf as co-star. Misty I suppose but would she be able to do it on two consecutive nights? I guess they could cram Seo in there. I liked your idea of Shevchenko. We know she could pair well with Lendorf.

As for trying to avoid exchange of tickets...a casting change to a soloist would be the impetus for me (and alot of other people) to BUY a ticket. Does ABT not know their true audience?

Gerry, my sense is that Isabella will dance even if she's injured and expect everyone to understand. She's observing how well, and how CLASSICALLY, the soloists are dancing, and basically, bolting past her. It cannot be a comfortable feeling.

Seconded, Gerry. I am more likely to commit to a performance in which one of my favorite soloists is confirmed as Odette/ Odile. ABT can be so baffling. Although I noticed that MC's Swan Lake performances are sold out. So... their pushing of her is working for them financially, at least for now. :\

AMJ, except for the fact that the celebrina's ticket "sales" are not sales in the normal sense of the word. Her agent and handlers distribute discounted and free tickets to promote her and her celebrity image. Her audience is even a fake audience -- a fauxdience, if you will.

I'm disappointed in the lack of new-opportunity casting too. For those who have seen Hee Seo's SL, I'm sure she is a lovely lyrical Odette but is she able to pull off a strong Odile? I enjoy her dancing but the few times I saw her in technically-demanding roles she wasn't at ease. Has she worked up to the level of mastery to create a strong Odile?

@elfantgirl I'd usually say no, but it's amazing what Marcelo can bring out of a dancer.

I'd love to see Christine's Odile/Odette. If only that could happen.
Seo does nothing for me. I've seen her in several ballets and she is just... there. I was hoping Gillian Murphy would be well enough to dance, but if she can't I might just go see Veronica Part again.

Anna, Veronika will be wonderful of course, and if you can possibly make the Wed matinee, you will be thrilled with our new Odette/Odile, Devon Teuscher. I saw her in DC earlier this year, and she was sensational. Real ballerina. Everything on the list is checkmarked. No asterisks, either. 😉

@zoot Good point. There should be an award invented for Marcelo - "Finest Partner of Our Generation"- and at the gala event performance every ballerina he's pulled an outstanding performance out of should perform in Les Sylphides as a sylph to his Poet. Hundreds of them crowding the aisles, like at the cast-reunion perfomance of "One" when A Chorus Line set the record for longest Broadway run. I'd buy a ticket to that!

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